"Summer Rain" - A 432 hz meditative piece....

in meditation •  4 months ago 

I wrote this the day after it snowed, yes it snowed in Montana on the Summer solstice. I recorded the rain...

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Hi montanacellist,

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Thank you @curie
I work hard on these meditations....thanks for sharing. I'll be more active on steamit in the future.

  ·  4 months ago (edited)

The beginning of the song, it really emptied my heart...!
And then the song continues, now that my soul is empty, it can be refilled with summer rain!
Really a deep piece... I was kinda tripping listening to your song... And the background... It really make it to scavenge my soul deeper...
Totally perfect!
Good job! Please be more active on steemit so my hungry soul can feed from your art!

A nice trip is a perfect way to listen to my music.
I really appreciate it! Yeah, I'll be more active here...
Though, you can always subscribe to my YouTube channel, "Montana Cellist."

hi @montancellist
how wonderful, I listened to your piece mantre it rains here too, so I had also the background of the rain on the windows !! your way of playing is beautiful, you can bring people into your music and make them feel part of it, but I don't know if it's just relaxing, because I felt a dark sensation of pain, a certain drama that could not explode. I don't know, maybe I say nonsense !!
congratulations on your curie vote and thanks for sharing, keep it up

Great description. I put a lot of my soul into these meditations. So, you're probably picking up on that.