Meditation and How it Works

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We probably all heard about meditation but few understand what this really is and how it works. If anyone ever tried to meditate was probably bored and never attempted to try it again. And that is true for beginners for lack of understanding and experience. The truth is we are faced with our inner world which is only true one and external the illusory one. By using word illusion I mean that events and surroundings will influence our emotions and decisions in our daily activities which in turn will bring good or bad outcomes and that is called karma because we are affected by it. So meditation is a journey to the deepest depth of us. We all know how deep the ocean is but have you tried to dive into your own inner universe it is so deep and unexplored.

The truth is we only start to question quest for spiritual when we are faced with calamities or unpleasant events that brings discomfort to our life or just out of curiosity. Then we start to question why... We say why we are here? Where are we from? Who we really are? If you never asked those questions your time will come, and that I can promise you. And for those who have been asking the journey has started. There are many paths to get there, many belief systems it is up to you to choose from. All of them will say we are the only true path, and that is not true. They say so so that you could stay focused on one.

If your endeavor is sincere one you will experience some form of transformation it doesn't matter what path or religion or method what matters is the intention. As Buddha has said religion is a raft when the river is crossed over you may let it go.


Wow I love how you describe meditation.

Thank you or comment

The river metaphor is perfect, religion feels like a vessel for something on the other side of worldliness but not the something itself

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