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RE: 7 Day Meditation Challenge: Everyone Wants to Meditate... But No One Actually Does It.. Join Us Today!

Mmm I love this. You nailed it on the head in your opening line... I want to mediate more, but just don’t make the time.

Thanks for the push. I probably won’t start until next week because I have a big dance competition/convention this weekend, but I look forward to starting this meditation challenge when I get back!

I really like that you are suggesting 15 minutes. That is the perfect amount of time so that I can fit it into my daily schedule more easily. Thanks again!!


"I want to mediate more, but just don’t make the time." That's why I meditate in the shower, and the water helps too ;)

Oooh interesting idea @misslasvegas!! I never thought of trying that before, but it’s actually kind of brilliant.

Haha @coruscate, for me, it's the only time of the day that I really have to myself, without kids around me. And in the evenings I found I'm usually just too tired, plus I'm usually working then or here on Steemit (or both). So those 15-20 minutes in the shower twice a day or even in the bath help a lot. And the water on my head kinda helps to get into the feeling.

thats great, and you can start anytime!

Great that you are giving yourself this <3

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