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As a weapon of choice: Mace
As for my death: Spear

I'd rather be impaled than be bludgeoned to death lol both dead though so

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Reminds me of god of war⚔️

spear, using a mace opens you up

with a spear you can be in full defense mode and hit a kill shot within a second, mace requires you to swing it and build up momentum

Spears, unlike swords, allow you to hold your hand pretty far apart which would greatly increase your fine control of the point while still maintaining a healthy range from your opponent.

Both I have two hands.
But if i have to chose it would depend on the type of battle I was planning for.
Spear if i have many to throw.
Mace if only one to hold and try to keep using over and over again.

Spear so I can attack from long distance easier and throw it if needed. Mace does damage but is for close combat. I just like long distance better that my weapon style of choice in games

I feel like the mace is great for that short range, close combat but I like to think I engage in riskier but rewarding long range spear handling.

Spear, because when shit gets bad, you can throw it.

I'll take the spear if there was space to move and the mace in close quarters.


I'll take the spear if
There was space to move and the
Mace in close quarters.

                 - moemanmoesly

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This is my second Haiku today lol i'm on a roll...

Bernie Sanders, always coming up with the high substance posts.


Better than reading that dreadful nonsense most spew out.


Toker, Smoker, midnight Joker.


you seriously don't know what these are all about?

he gives away 5 STU, and you think that's bad???


Mace, Blunt Power!

If Steemit flags was a weapon, it would be a spear. You sir, are the tip of the spear!

Spartan spear for sure................

Mace does sooooo much more damage

I will go with your choice.

Spear offcourse it will strike at once tp death

if talk about how the "better" way to die... of this two i prefer the spear, but least one spear gonna kill if he cross the heart, and mace don't be too exactly full of precision almost two hits to kill (i suppose) based on this point for the spear xD i prefer die "ipso facto"(inmediantly) and not in the long run

A Spear just for once and over :D

Mace, I would use it as a back scratcher.

it reminded me ultima online. fencing vs macefighting, ofc spear better.. especially if it's +12


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Spear. With the spear I'd have better control over the weapon. The mace is probably more difficult to handle effectively. Sure, you can swing but you'll leave yourself exposed.

of course mace

Both of them for better entertainment 😜

Mace for me, it will cause multiple damage


mele, so mace

I prefer the mace

Spear it will be more faster to use

Any thing that help me kill my enemies :P

Stun Gun or Stungun?

Put the spear on the other end of the mace. Spear the mace mate

Mace would hurt more!
btw was checking out weku it’s like a clone of Steemit!

Spear better than mace. Good distance attack.

I like this "spear".

the picture is like a dangerous weapon. it was incredible


The picture is like
A dangerous weapon. it
Was incredible

                 - scottadskin

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Always mace.
It is better for bashing heads.
Which is an enjoyable sound.

Spears just cause screaming when we stab them that has some epic and eerily realistic fighting with bad ass spear knives, if that answers your question. Here's the gem for free with decent audio and video

No weapons from both

Mace is my choice.

♨ Hit and run 🐂♨

Spear to pierce

Spear just finish it

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the picture is like a dangerous weapon. it was incredible


The picture is like
A dangerous weapon. it
Was incredible

                 - scottadskin

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Definitely spear!

Spear, if not in use you can throw it.