A new technology for restoring sight through a cranial implant!

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Not all technology is bad, some can become a real life changing tool! This tool will give a form of sight to those without.

Video on the digital implant that will give basic sight to blind people.

It is always fun to find new tech that is helping people, by improving their quality of life. Here we find a digital implant that give low level sight to people with none. This is pretty innovative is the ability to implant digital chips without rejection.

Implanted electronics are NOT new, but always impressive.

I built the first bone growth stimulator in the mid 1980s, and the unit was about the size of a medium suitcase. It accelerated bone healing by about a dozen times over no intervention. About 1995, I had lower back surgery,; and that included an implanted bone growth stimulator about the size of a zippo lighter! They had made great progress over my design, in reduced power consumption. Mine had to be plugged in, while the new one ran on a self contained mercury cell.
So not only do I like to read about implants, I also have one.

If I had the time, I would love to design a system to help a paralyzed individual walk again. I have designed the stimulators needed to control denervated muscle. An Interferential stimulator signal would allow a graduated muscle contraction for better control of movement.

There is never enough time, but this would be a rewarding project to do!

Article on this bionic eye:

They are doing impressive work in cutting edge medical development down under

Researchers in Australia have developed a bionic “eye” capable of restoring partial sight to sufferers of some kinds of blindness. They hope the incredible breakthrough may eventually lead to curing patients of other kinds of paralysis. RT America’s Natasha Sweatte has the details.
Implantable sight interface would also allow you to do other support projects!
These people are doing a great job, taking into account that the regulatory paperwork is harder than the actual design work itself. They should be proud of their work, this is a noble effort!

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