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Hello. Since you all know well that sleep is the key to the functioning of our body, for today I decided to share with you the information that we have recently received from the medical staff of the Center for the promotion of health on the lecture organized at our company.

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For a healthy life, really is not only important the quality of the sleep, but also the situation in which you sleep! But first things first, there is no good sleep without good matres and a pillow. The matres shouldn't be too hard, so when you are lying it can give you the right support to your spine.

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As long as the pillow goes - I really recommend you the pillow, which is shaped like the letter S made out the memory foam. I had always troubles finding the right one, but since I started using this kind, I don't want to try any other. :)

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But if we are talking about the healthiest way of sleeping regarding the medical experts, then you should sleep on the back because it prevents neck and back pain due to the flat position of the head and spine. In addition, this situation is ideal if you are suffering from heartburn. When sleeping on the back is the biggest problem and the only disadvantage of this situation is snoring. :) On the photo below, you can see how you should sleep on your back, and also how to sleep on the side.

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The only thing I will add to the side position is that the hands shouldn't be under the head, but rather huging a pillow. And if you look closer, you can also see his ankles being curved down. That muscle stretch isn't recommended, and you should give the same support you are giving to your knees also to the ankles. So, if you don't feel like sleeping on the back, then you have to sleep on the side because is generally very healthy - snoring in this situation is less frequent and the backbone is stretched, which makes you wake up in the morning without pain in your back and neck. Even if you have problems with heartburn, this position has proven to be very grateful. The question is only on which side to sleep - left or right? See the photo below, and you will see for yourself.

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And for the end - if any of you still sleeps on the belly, I have just one thing to say to you - get rid of this sleeping situation as soon as possible. This is one of the worst things you can afford your body during your rest! In this situation, it is very difficult to maintain the natural position of the spine, and your joints and muscles are very burdensome. This can irritate the nerves and cause morning pain, numbness or tingling.

I really hope you will start to think a bit more about the correct way of sleeping. Remember, you are sleeping for a lot of your life, and why don't make the most out of it in a right way! Wishing you a good night sleep, and a rested start of the new working week!

And just a quick tip for the end - they told us, that even though it can sound funny, but the maternity pillow, is the best thing you can use for sleeping on the side - because it gives you the support from the ankles, knees, and hands.

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Thanks for the information! It’s good to know


I'm glad you liked it. Give it a try, and you will see if there is any truth in it.

Excellent information @emmamia, it is very interesting to know these details at the time of sleep, I congratulate you for your work.


Thank you very much.

I don't sleep that much as I should, but still very valuable information :) Thanks


I think most of the adults don't sleep as much as they should. Because of that, it's so much more important to sleep well and correctly. Try it out, and you will see if it can help you wake up more rested.

hahaha....good post!!! I love the instructive photos!! Made me smile.

I am a side sleeper and I put a pillow between my knees...I think the maternity pillow would be a great idea too!! I might look into that!!!


Thanks! I am really glad you find it useful.

As you don't have the maternity pillow you can try to improvise, and roll two regular soft pillows in a sheet with elastic edge. So you will get a big-snakelike pillow.

I would most definitely make one like this if I would have a bit more space in the bed while sleeping. ;) Hopefully we will have success, and the girls will finally start sleeping on their own.

Very informative article @emmamia. Well done! 😊


Thank you! Have a nice day!