Pushing CV17 Will Totally Increase Steemit Productivity

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Aha... I hope you guys are not going to laugh at this. Do you believe in traditional Chinese medicine? Did you know that acupuncture could be one of the greatest contributions for the future of all medicine. Well... Chinese theory identifies 12 of energy that connect major organs to keep the body balanced. If one of these energy aren't working properly, our body won't work properly as well.

So. CV17 is an area which provide immediate relief. It stands for conception vessel 17, in the center of chest close to our heart. The heart is the seat of body's emotions and when a person is stressed, this area will becomes sore and out of sync. It is also explained that CV17 balances the level of yin and yang, as well as birng your body, emotion and physical sense back in balance.

Cv17 Area is located almost at the center of the chest, 4 finger-widths up from the breastbone.

  1. Place your fingertips in this area and gently yet slowly, rub up and down the center of the breastbone to find the spot
  2. After that, sit with your spine is straight and upright, palms placed together with the fingers pointing upward.
  3. Once seated in the position as described in point no.2, use the back of the knuckles of your thumb to gently press into the center of CV17 area for 2 - 3 minutes.
  4. Close your eyes along the process.
  5. Inhale and exhale deeply and regularly
  6. Keep your head upright and not tense
  7. You can also gently tap this are with your fingers

Where does the logic of CV17 comes from?

  1. All the deep breathing used in this treatment will encourage the body to relax
  2. Pressure applied to CV17 helps in stress and anxiety relief

By taking advantage of CV17, it will definitely helps you relax, balancing your hormone,  reduces fatigue and hence turn your physical and mental conditions better than before to increase your #Steemit productivity.

So Why don't you give it a try by pushing that one button (CV17)?

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