My review of the task marketplace

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I started a website a few years ago. As a content creator I find that it can sometimes be difficult to get the word out about your art. I recently found out about the TASK token. I have found Steem and the TASK token is a great way to get the word out about your stuff and make some money too. You can make money completing tasks and also use tasks to get people to do things for you like check out your website or promote your project.

Steem being on the block chain also allows for some interesting projects to start up. Because everything is verified on the block chain you don’t need to worry about security so much. You pretty much just need to keep your keys safe and that’s about it.

I have found some interesting steem engine tokens during my time on Steem. With the addition of tribes people can now post stuff to an audience that they know will be receptive to it. You like art? Then post in creativecoin. Like investing? Try steemleo. There are so many different tribes now and they each have their own particular niche. Each tribe has its own token which means you can earn money from an individual tribe.

Your post might be popular on regular steemit but if you post it in the right tribe then you can make a lot more money. People seem to really like tribes so they are excited to upvote things in their favourite tribes. Find a tribe you like and post there.

Another thing that tokens allow you to do is to set up DAPPs (distributed applications). Some DAPPs handle video such as Dtube. Some host games like NextColony. But what has gotten me interested lately is the TASK token. There are lots of ways to make money online. You can run a website, or a patreon or a Youtube channel. Patreon and Youtube has been known to remove people from their platform that they don’t like so blockchain is a great alternative as it’s not possible to remove someone from a blockchain.

The TASK token I think is a great innovation as it allows anyone to advertise their website or just to get someone to help you out with something. It’s also a great way to make some money if you have some time available and want to complete some tasks. The tasks available are quite varied. Some ask you to watch a video and write a comment. Others ask you to join a Discord server. The range of tasks is quite interesting and I am interested to see where the task marketplace goes to from here.

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