Tags - New parameters of experimentation!

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Our Team at RocketEx has been working on the ‘next generation’ implementation of STEEM - STEEM has super powers as infrastructure that have not yet been exploited! As we continue to build and help implement, we want to make sure we are making clear what these super powers are - and how we plan to take advantage of them!

RocketEx is blasting off!
We work hard to implement the best of DPoS technology.



The simple tag, something those of us who have been on STEEM for a while will no doubt underestimate, has entered a period of expansion in use. Now, each tag is a membership card for different feeds of content - and different tokens. All on top of STEEM, specialized token projects can help curate content (additional curation layers) into categorical or participation feeds.

As this build out is happening, we are seeing a ‘tag squeeze’. There is just not enough room with five tags to signal at several communities AND describe what the content is about; using the tags as ‘subjects’ was what tagging used to be about. And there will probably be other interesting uses for tags in the future, especially as additional front-ends come on line that handle more and more of the ‘back-end’ of STEEM for their users.


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Welcome to an incentivized Content Distribution Platform working to change the world!

The Media Officials front-ends now allow 10 tags, and we will be quickly moving to a model that allows. Because of the unique power that tags have to classify content at the source, we predict that they will be a very influential element moving forward.

It is our belief that STEEM is transforming into the powerful infrastructure it was always meant to be. This means that behaviors, communities and expectations will change with it - transitioning into new applications built on top. We are excited as always to participate in making the future we want to see!


Connect with us on Discord:

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SteemPress presents a company dedicated to the implementation of DPoS blockchain technology : RocketEx - http://rocketex.infinitecrosslinks.com/2019/07/19/tags-new-parameters-of-experimentation/

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wow this is already working you can see same on my post

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