Response to Frank Vaughan video LIVE 2

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My response to Frank Vaughan video Live #2

I follow a number of channels on YouTube, if I donate to them I always click on their paypal vs superchat because they get the money vs Google's take. Google reminds me of the government and taxes, get paid 46% of my paycheque for doing next to nothing.

I haven't been following the news, except these podcasts, but I can certainly feel the stress in the air.

As you know (I'm commenting on the 17th) we have no "set" curfew now, though telling everyone non-essential to close by 8pm is a curfew in my mind. The ridiculous thing about this is, all of those businesses were ALREADY CLOSED since before Christmas. People who still believe the government is there to protect them are trying to make it out like all of these small businesses have been able to stay open and "8pm close" is a small sacrifice. What small businesses? They were closed! I went into the downtown of Owen Sound (city 30,000) about a week ago and it was empty. There were 6 cars parked in the whole 3 block downtown. Businesses down there have already been struggling for years, this will kill most of them. I "predict" a year from now at least 20% of the downtown will be empty storefronts never to be filled again (on top of the 20% that were already empty). It will destroy the economic stability of small towns and downtowns. Oh well eh, we can all get CBI right?

I'm back to work, in retail, on the invisible front-lines and the regulations have gotten more extreme. The cops have been to the store several times ticketing people who refuse to wear masks. I heard the count was, at least, 5 the one day. We're told to wear our masks properly and socially distance 6 feet from co-workers and customers alike or face a $750 fine. Clean every half hour and after every customer and document it or you get fined. Most of us don't even make $750 every two weeks! Several co-workers have said if they got a fine they'd walk out, what's the point of working there if two weeks of pay disappears because you made the mistake of being too close to someone??

I tried to tell someone the other day, we have a virus so deadly its' only infected 250,000 people (embellished) in Canada. A virus so terrible that only 80,000 people in a country of 39 Million have it right now, but that justifies lockdowns and isolation of the masses? A virus only 4% of the 14 Million tested allegedly tested positive? That's it! But people still believe they are doing something by following all the rules. Someone yesterday said he hoped this would be over soon. I told him that as long as people comply it will never end.

I wish we could hear about what is going on with the tickets the cops are issuing and the people fighting them. I wish there was a website listing the case and whether it was thrown out or successful. I know the Rebel has heard of a couple.

If there was a REAL blackout it would show some message claiming the Camera was offline due to a malfunction. They wouldn't make it obvious that something was really going on.

Trump or Biden the security of the nation is being threatened and Washington DC must be protected. It's not a coup, it's not an insurrection so much as a nation defending it's capital. Trump needs to run around and recognize the sovereignty of all of the nations he can before they've removed him, just to make it even harder for Biden :)

I was on Twitter but left when Trump got blocked. I went to Parler and they took it down. I wasn't a big fan of the format of Parler. I couldn't register on Gab. I gave up for now. I might try to get on Gab, but you know that it will ultimately just go the way of Twitter. A new cesspool with a different name.

Twitter was and remains to be "the cesspool of the internet". If Twitter were still free and democratic I would say that tweets should appear for 12 hours maximum and then delete themselves.

I'm still on Facebook but I won't talk about politics. I'm on MeWe where I put all of my screenshots from Twitter. I still mention politics there from time to time.

I have a blog where I rant about everything, over on Steemit.

I've been spending more time focusing on my hobby of paranormal investigating. At least with ghost hunting you can accept and be comfortable knowing that not everything you see or hear is real. The paranormal doesn't try to be something it's not, either it is "explainable or not".

I have no issue with qualified women in government, I don't base their qualifications on what is between their legs. But by God why are the most notable women doing such an absolutely horrible job? They are trying so desperately to act like men instead of setting a higher standard.

The number of times I've seen those ridiculous cut & paste posts by people telling Google or Facebook they can't use their images and blah blah blah. You sign up for Facebook or Google or whoever you surrender those rights. It's amusing people think that by making a cut & paste post they are somehow protected from exploitation.

On my phone I just click the three dots when on your website and touch ADD TO HOME SCREEN and it's there on my phone. Touch and it's straight to your website. I agree with you about phones vs desktops though. People do not realize just how much mobile condenses what you read. You miss a lot of what the website offers when you view it on mobile. My website had the editing ability I can see how it appears on desktop and mobile, but most sites don't go that extra mile to make sure your site on mobile appears the same as desktop.

People get a censored view of the world on mobile. Google search has gotten really bad at this, forcing you to see sponsored and Google-preferred sites first. I think they got rid of the (-) feature. I want to search influenza -covid for example, and I'll get listings about covid. It's like you're not allowed to screen out information. And if people don't pay attention they just go along with it without question.

I encouraged ADM to do a stream on crypto and you should too, it's the future.