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Since the advent of MP3 technology, developed by German scientists in 1986 and patented in 1995, access to music changed radically, its greatest advantage was to reduce 10 times the size of files. Our favorite songs went from being in the hands of the music industry to being in ours through a simple download to our computer.

This technological advance gave us a lot of freedom, but maybe, it was a lot. Because with the arrival of exchange programs like Napster, musicians like Madonna or Metallica were threatened because their single and demo respectively were shared with the public before their official launch to the market. All this led to a number of regulations in defense of copyright, but even today the MP3 format continues to revolutionize the world of those who love music (like me) and more recently of podcast lovers.

As a singer it is always nice to have DApps to share my music and being able to enjoy the work of others artists (original tracks, covers, podcasts, among others). This is what DSound allows to artists on the platform and what makes it even cooler is the possibility to reward and get rewarded in cryptocurrency thanks to Steem Blockchain.

What is DSound?


It was created by Pedro Reis Colaço @prc software developer, musician, DJ and music producer. According to his own words:

I have found this platform (Steem) the perfect environment to launch my DSound decentralized application and to help musicians around the world to monetize their music.

In accordance with the information provided by State Of The DApps, DSound is:

A decentralized platform, that allows anyone to upload, listen and discover music and other sounds stored on top of the IPFS Network. It uses blockchain as a persistent database, so by posting their sounds the authors can earn rewards in cryptocurrency, when other users like their content, which can be exchanged easily to US Dollars, Euros or any other currency, with a look and feel very similar to Soundcloud.

Dsound is a platform where you can share your audio content and have the power to give back with your vote and earn rewards in cryptocurrency. A place to listen and be listened to!

Main components of DSound.

On the DSound interface you will find two bars with options and controls:

1. Top bar.

  • Audios category: Trending, Hot and New
  • Upload
  • Information about your account. By opening the tab in your username you will have access to:

Your sounds.

Your profile on Steemit. .

Your Steemit wallet.

Add a new account.


IPFS adjustments. For more information you can visit the link provided by DSound.

2. Bottom bar.

Playback controls.
Playback Bar.
Access to DSound feed.
Like Icon
Resteem icon.
Link to the profile of the creator of DSound..

You will also find a audio playlist.

Do you want to share your audios on DSound?

  • Go to the official DSound website.

  • Login using SteemConnect.

  • Click on Upload, select your audio file (recommended MP3 and WAV file).

  • Complete your audio information.



Type (Original track, Cover,Podcast Show, among others)

Musical genre or main label. (I chose "music")

Labels (separated by commas) (I chose "pop, balad")

  • Select an image for your video. The image size I used was 658 x 642 pixels.

You also will find two extra button:

Download button (This disables the button only)

Buy Button (Show a 'Buy' button instead.)

  • Click on Publish.
  • Your audio will be published on "New" section.

What I like about DSound?

My greatest passion is to sing (as probably you already know) and I can only thank the existence of DApps for singers and musicians on Steem Blockchain. It's really gratifying to see how Steem's Blockchain artists get projection and boost their artistic career thanks to DApps like DSound, such is the case of @EdPrivate, a great singer who has a successful musical career at DSound. It is worth mentioning that DSound not only supports singers who upload content but also supports initiatives in the musical field such as Steemit @OpenMic and Pitch Perfect, among others, musical projects where musicians and singers come to life.

Dsound is also the ideal place for Podcast lovers and for anyone who wants their voice to be heard, uploading videos is quite easy through a friendly interface and of course being able to monetize your content is an incomparable advantage.

What I don't like about DSound?

Sometimes there are problems uploading the audios, all due to the IPFS.

You can try to solve this problem by going to the link they provide.

My Conclusions

As presented in its 2018 annual report DSound is a DApp whose success can be measured in hours. Yes! Only for the year 2018, 3000 hours of sound were made available to the public that were played during 54000 hours, all thanks to the 25000 sounds published.

The Dsound Tribe grows day by day, artists from all continents come together and show their work: original music, covers, podcasts, recordings, remixes, among others. Making themselves heard all over the world.

The future looks radiant for DSound, despite the inconveniences that any DApp can go through, it is enough the conviction to overcome these obstacles. without a doubt many more hours of sound are coming!

DSound Raking.jpg
Ranking: 4 out of 5

Thanks for your attention!


Screen printings taken from [DSound](https://dsound.audio/!/feed). Ranking design made by me.

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