Minnow Support Project: Medal of Honor for @danielsaori

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The Minnow Support Project is proud to announce the latest recipient of our Medal of Honor. Congratulations to @danielsaori.

The Medal of Honor

The Medal of Honor is presented to community members that create exceptional projects within the Minnow Support Project. It is the highest honor awarded by the community.

Daniel's Project

The Minnow Support Project is always on the lookout to decrease bot and post abuse. We work extensively with steemcleaners and have a team of people dedicated to combat abuse. Daniel's work has focused on tools that facilitate and expedite combatting abuse and spreading the values of Peace, Abundance, and Liberty.


Daniel has created a Discord tool called Dorabot. You can read about it here: https://steemit.com/bot/@danielsaori/steemit-and-discord-bot-built-on-steem-python-and-discord-py

Dorabot has a number of useful commands that make exploring the Steem blockchain pretty easy.


Daniel has also helped us create a tool to facilitate blacklisting abusive users of @minnowsupport. The bot makes it easy for us to pull their unpaid votes, mute them on the primary account, and then log the account and reason in our Blacklist database. TheSilence even allows for a lovely option called 'nuking'. This aptly named command allows us to peform all the relevant operations from TheSilence in a single command.

Automated abuse reporting

@dorabot posts on the block with automated reports of actions taken. This gives us enormous transparency on who we are muting/nuking and why. Stopping abuse isn't enough, we want others to know who is abusive and we want folks to know that stopping abuse in our own backyard is of extreme importance.

Additionally, @dorabot provides daily reports to the Anti-Abuse Team on any posts that are flagged by other groups we work with, which have also recieved an upvote from the main @minnowsupport account. This is just another way to help us discover any abuse of the bot, and just another reason why we love his work here.

Congrats to the newest member of the highest honor by the Minnow Support Project!

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He has made my life incredibly easier, and made the entire process for the Anti-Abuse Team so much more efficient.

Couldn't be any more deserving of this honor!

i want to join this project good post

thanks your post

Thank you for making this place more enjoyable by dealing with those that abuse it. I appreciate you for taking the time and expending the effort to improve the steemit experience.

Wow! I feel honored and extremely thankful!
Thank you @Aggroed and the rest of the MSP community.
Cool to be able to use this badge:


Daniel this medal is so well deserved! Thank you for all the help Dora bot rocks!


Thank you and a big hug from Dora and me. :)

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Congratulations @minnowsupport!
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@minnowsupport sorry, but i can't connect to discord channel PAL... what't wrong? could you help me, please?

Congratulations, @danielsaori, I wish you continued success with your good work!

Many thanks, @minnowsupport for looking out for little people/newbies.

I've been on Steemit for nearly 3 weeks and still making pennies most posts - even thought I'm the author of 7 books with thousands of followers on other platforms.

Cheers, Yahia