Fuel Injector replacement [BMW E30]

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After the transmission swap, drove the car for 50miles with out issues. Obviously, I had to start hitting the Rev limiter for fun before I parked it for 2 days and then, it was suddenly difficult to start.

Suffice to say, Ive spent a lot of time on the swap and on servicing the motor, so I'm frustrated that it still isn't road worthy. But at this point, you really don't have a choice but to charge ahead.

The car would take almoat 4 to 5 seconds to even attempt at starting. There can be many reasons to this from a poor idle air controller that is prevent enough air from reaching the combustion chamber, to a vacuum leak causing too much air in the system.

So you need to check the three basics. Fuel, air and spark.

I checked air first by looking for vacuum leaks, the air filter, idle control valve and the vacuum hoses. The proper method to check for leaks would be to smoke test the vacuum system, but I don't own a smoke machine. So the next best thing for me (not necessarily for you) is to replace everything that may be leaking since the car is 28 years old and they should be replaced anyway. I've already done this so unlikely any problems there.

Next up is the spark which can be checked by removing the plugs and cranking the engine with the plugs grounded. You'll be able to see the plugs fire easily enough so you can eliminate spark as an issue.

When I removed the spark plugs, I noticed they were wet with gas. I checked each plug and verified spark so it must be a rich conditon caused by the fueling system. But I don't have a fuel pressure gage to check what's going on. Additionally the fuel pressure regulator is brand new, so is the fuel pump. So the last thing to fault is the injectors. Given that they are over 28 years old, they are due for service. While I don't know for sure the injectors are the issue, I think they need to be replaced anyway. So out with the old and in with the waiting for the new injectors.

This car is a real money pit!

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Definitely it's not for me, as I am not aware of this stuff.


Definitely it's
Not for me, as I am not
Aware of this stuff.

                 - mshadn

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Good stuff my man! I sold my E30 few days back. Couldn't be bothered with all the remaining little stuff and needed the money. My main goal of building a complete car with new engine and drivetrain was achieved but what was left got the best of me :). Put it in passionate hands and my mechanic will continue working on it with him. He traded it in for a Merc E350 wagon plus some cash...check out my story on that one coming up soon - it'll be hilarious I tell ya.

By the way your engine compartment looks super original and super well maintained! :)