NY Times Still Pushing Disney Measles Outbreak Propaganda

in measlesoutbreak •  10 months ago

The New York Times is still pushing propaganda because of the 2014 measles outbreak at Disney. It's all about pushing vaccines, and removing state exemptions, which means taking away your freedom to decide what goes into your baby's body.

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I'm a very sceptical person and I understand a certain distrust in goverments, but how do you come to the conclusion that vaccinations are a bad thing? There are so many easier ways to keep a population in check without actively poisoning them. Dont you understand how many persons would have to keep shut about it and knowingly harm people? While the world is bad, people aren't that bad. And what would all the scientist and doctors get out of it? And then your argument about how that outbreak didn't kill anyone but tabaco did, what is the connection there? There's none. The question should rather be how many people died from vaccinations in relation to the diseases they prevent...


Thanks for your rather rational response, as oppose to the ridiculously emotional response I often get when talking about this subject. First, I came to the conclusion of vaccines being a bad thing after looking into it a lot. I have a playlist of videos about vaccines on my Youtube channel. Not to mention many posts on my site.

The truth is, almost no one knows the truth about vaccines. But more people are waking up. Most of the doctors and scientists don't know they're bad either. The schedule has never been tested. And there's very little science on the mercury and aluminum in vaccines, and none showing it's safe when done the way it's currently being done.

My argument about tobacco deaths vs measles deaths is just that. Hundreds of thousands of deaths caused by tobacco and the media is silent about it. An "outbreak" with no deaths and the media goes crazy and scares the shit out of everyone. Why? It's business. Big-pharma is one of the largest advertisers, and therefore largest funder, of the media. They're misleading people to sell vaccines.

About your last question...the # of people who die from vaccines is more than you think, and the diseases they prevent is less than you think...close to zero. Though vaccines rarely cause death, they damage every person that gets one. They're all toxic. And their benefits are greatly exaggerated. Watch my other videos to learn more.

oh no.. that was a sad news