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RE: Viking Midwinter Mead-The easy way... (home brewing tutorial: win 10 STEEM)

in #mead6 years ago

Nice! Might have to try next year when the hops are ready. I have been brewing some apple Melomels this year. The Meade sounds good.

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That sounds interesting @andre-ager.... Apple cool I love apples... You are something like an expert brewer I hear? Did the Melomels come out tasting dry or sweet?


Lol I don’t know about being an expert but I do have fun with brewing. The batch I just bottled was nice and dry. I prefer dry usually but I though I would try and sweeten one of the batches I have brewing to be more of a desert drink. We shall see.

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Oh thats interesting! 😇🍺🍻

This batch has now turned from somewhat sweet to quite dry,
so I guess I could add something to sweeten it with...

But experimenting with this home-brew is kind of slowly turning me into a "alcoholic", he he, I don't have to drink this drink the whole time, it's just a bit to strong for an everyday drink, so I take it easy...


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