Paypall Crypto available to the British.

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Paypal expansion in Great Britain completed. Paypall Crypto available to the British.
Paypal, through its platform, has made it possible for customers to buy, sell and store four types of digital currencies. Last Friday, the payment giant announced the completion of the implementation of its offer.
“We are pleased to announce that all eligible UK customers can now buy, store and sell bitcoin, ethereum, bitcoin cash and litecoin cryptocurrencies from their Paypal account. […] You can buy, sell, and store cryptocurrency through the Paypal cryptocurrency service, but you cannot use it to send cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency purchases and sales are not reversible and cannot be changed. " - we read on Twitter Paypal UK.
The company thoroughly explained the specifics of the service. In the UK, the cryptographic service is provided by Paypal (Europe), which is overseen by the Luxembourg financial regulator, Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier. At the same time, the service is not regulated by any authority, including the British Financial Supervisory Authority.
The Paypal payment giant is constantly expanding its crypto services sector. In July, it announced plans to hire over 100 crypto positions, and Paypal's venture capital framework continues to invest in startups related to the blockchain industry, including TRM Labs for cryptographic risk management, TaxBit - a crypto tax software provider, and Talos - a development company cryptographic technology institutional infrastructure.

"Paypal Completes Rollout of Crypto Offering in UK: First International Expansion Outside US"

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