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What is Make-A-Whale?

@make-a-whale is a community project to create a whale that always supports its feeders. You support it and it supports you. It upvotes each member once in a 22 hour period. @make-a-whale will post each day, that post needs to be upvoted by each member. There is also a bonus 100% rotational upvote.

Steem Power2230
Voting Power74.69%
Upvote Weight12%
Current Upvote Worth$0.13

News and Updates

Paused Upvotes:

Some members have been paused because their upvotes fell below the minimum required upvote weight. This is only temporary and happens all the time due to SP changes or delegations expiring. Not to worry, correct you upvote weight and send me a message on Discord, comment here or even a wallet message to let me know the weight has been adjusted. Will unpause the upvotes ASAP. Please have a look at the formula below to make sure you are above the minimum.

How to join?

Please note that currently all slots are filled. We might have some later on as the project grows.


  • You must post only original content,
  • your account must be 50+ reputation,
  • your account must have 500+ available Steem Power,
  • you must upvote @make-a-whale post.

Upvoting Rules

The @make-a-whale project requires constant feed from his followers. That way he can return the favor and feed his followers. This can be done manually or using Steemauto to simplify and automate the process. That way you never have to worry about missing votes.

You can pick how you upvote MAW:

  1. Steemauto (recommended).
    Guide on how to set up your Steemauto account.

  2. Manual upvoting - if you do not like using Steemauto you can manual vote.

We have worked out a scale that will make sure @make-a-whale always upvotes you with a bigger upvote than the one you used to upvote the daily post, if you post on average once a day. Thus, the fair scale ensure you always win!

There are some members who support the project with larger upvotes and this is greatly appreciated! The more we grow the more members we can recruit and give better upvotes. Thank you for the extra support!

Minimum upvote required

All members are required to upvote @make-a-whale once a day with a minimum of 500 SP.
If you have more SP and you would like to change the upvote weight, please use this formula to calculate the % of your vote:

50000/ (Your SP) = Voting Weight towards @make-a-whale posts.


Member A. has 1200 SP on his account,
50000 / 1200 = 42% - this is the minimum upvote required.

Delegation and Steem subscription options:

All members that upvote @make-a-whale daily post with the minimum required will receive back one upvote from the basic level.

If you would like to get a little more, there are two ways to reach bigger upvotes:

  • By donating Steem - at the end of the month MAW will collect Steem towards the new SP leases. Transfer chosen amount to @make-a-whale and you will get bigger upvotes for the whole next month.
  • By delegating Steem Power to @make-a-whale - you will receive bigger upvotes for as long as you keep your delegation active.

Check the table below for current values

Upvote Weight
Basic Upvote
150 SP
1.35 times the basic upvote weight
200 SP
1.7 times the basic upvote weight
250 SP
2.15 times the basic upvote weight
300 SP
2.5 times the basic upvote weight

Daily resteem and 100% upvote

Since we are a small group of awesome content creators there be a daily resteem. We will follow the same list as the Roundabout High Five upvote and resteem in that order. Share some love and some upvotes for your fellow MAW members! Check out their post, comment and upvote if you like it!

Tomorrow's Roundabout Whale High Five 100% Upvote and resteem goes to:


Wondering when it's your turn? Here's the list.

MembersRoundabout 100% upvoteNotes
@gingerninjaYES X5
@oleg326756YES X6
@scroogerYES X6
@cryptasticYES X4
@xervantesYES X5
@gregory-fYES X5
@ragepeanutYES X5
@happymoneymanYES X6
@alphacoreYES X5
@twistychipsYES X4
@djynnYES X6
@colinbrazendaleYES X5
@costopherYES X4
@steemiteducationYES X6
@giantbearYES X6
@theregularguyYES X5
@abh12345YES X6
@maarnioYES X6
@sumatranateYES X6
@hopehuggsYES X6Paused - Upvotes below minimum
@pearicaYES X5
@waphilipYES X3
@em3YES X5
@brumestNEXT - YES X5
@ewkawYES X5
@tattoodjayYES X5Paused - Upvotes below minimum
@phelimintYES X5
@cheeto.blueYES X2
@bdmomuaeYES X5
@ogochukwuYES X4Paused - Upvotes below minimum
@theleapingkoalaYES X4
@bigpandaYES X4
@arunavaYES X4
@orchevaYES X5
@sol25YES X5Paused - Upvotes below minimum
@vlemonYES X5Paused - Upvotes below minimum
@glennoluaYES X5
@bluemistYES X4
@bearbear613YES X4
@brimaxYES X5
@onetin84YES X5
@leyargozYES X4
@jedigeissYES X4
@costanzaYES X4
@yasu24YES X3
@goldendawneYES X3
@nairadaddyYES X2
@emrebeylerYES X2
@rye05YES X3
@rekoYES X3
@svashtaYES X3
@arrliinnYES X3
@amy-goodrichYES X3
@healthy-homeYES X3
@mountainwashereYES X3
@ackhooYES X3
@bigbearYES X3Paused - Upvotes below minimum
@methusalemYES X3Paused - Upvotes below minimum
@aniseYES X2
@clumsysilverdadYES X2
@moderndayhippieYES X2
@stresskillerYES X2
@jznsamuelYES X2
@digitalisYES X2
@azirconYES X2
@mineopolyYES X2
@raserranoYES X1
@yoshikoYES X2
@kinakomochiYES X2
@djlethalskillzYES X1
@blackluxYES X1
@martinphotoYES X1
@yasuYES X1
@monochromesYES X1
@jlordcYES X1
@pipiczechYES X1
@knackartYES X1
@holger80YES X1
@zararinaYES X1
@gillianpearceYES X1


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Requires 500+ sp. Then it's not for newbies. Hope you people are going to consider newbies later on in your requirement

I would be interested in joining when you have a slot available. I am not a daily poster, I do comment every day, and on average make about 3 or 4 post a week, I am trying to increase that number, but I am mostly a content user not creator. As you list I believe I would qualify:

  • You must post only original content. - Only way to fly on steemit
  • your account must be 50+ reputation, - made REP 57 not to long ago
  • your account must have 500+ available Steem Power, - Finally achieved about a month ago
  • you must upvote @make-a-whale post. - One 100% upvote a day would not be an undue burden for me

My discord name is the same as my steemit name. I found your post via a recommendation on a @tcpolymath post.


I like what I see. We are hoping for some higher steem prices. Sadly no open slots now, maybe when the price goes up. =) Stick around and steem on!


Thank you I will try to remember and check back every now and then.