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Okay. Let's get started. The first person to solve the word problem below will get an upvote worth $0.4. There will also be some consolation upvotes for some of the late comers.


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A shark was caught whose tail weighted 200 pounds. The head of the shark weighted as much as its tail plus half its body. Its body weighted as much as its head and tail. What is the weight of the shark?


The test comes to an end once a winner emerges or at the expiration of this post. Good luck guys.

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Ans : 1600 pounds

Let the weight of tail = t
Let the weight of body = b
Let the weight of head = h

t = 200
h= t+ b/2
b = h+t

By substitution:
h = 200+b/2
2h= 400 + b
2h- b = 400....(1)
b= h+200
h-b = -200....(2)
Subtract (2) from (1)
(1) 2h-b = 400
(2) -h+b = 200
h= 600
And, since,
b= h+200
The fish weighed 200+600+800= 1600 pounds

The answer is 1600 pounds

1600 pounds