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Hello and welcome to my steem blog!

I am writing my first ever post here. I have been playing around with steem for more than 2 weeks now. Today I finally made some room to publish my first post.

To start with blogging I have chosen a website named Mathway. You have guessed it well. As its name tells it is about the mathematics. Let me explore the website to you in further lines by showing you the screenshots I have taken.

The website is free for just giving the solution set of mathematical problems. However, if you want an explanation and expanded answer you have to buy its premium version.

Here is the first look of the website,


There is a quick tutorial already available on the website about how to use the website. When you click on the Tap to view tutorial

Here you can see the menu through which you can select which stream of mathematics your problem belongs to.


Enter your problem here.


Submit it by pressing the submit button as shown in the snapshot below.


Here is the list of all available streams of mathematics you can choose any of it from the menu.


I selected Basic Math and entered a random problem like you can see below.


After I pressed Submit it gave me these options. I went with Evaluate


Here are the results of the problem.


It has given the final answer however when I tried to click on the Tap to view steps it took me to their premium page.


You can see their premium packages.


After selecting Go Premium this screen will proceed you to the checkout.


I am now solving an Algebra problem. You can see below. I took this from the website


After submitting I chose Evaluate


Here is the result.


You can verify it as well.


Here is another problem related to Calculus


I wanted to find its derivative. Here is the answer.


You can also draw a graph, I drew for lim x ≥ 9 and it showed me all the region where x is greater and equal to 9, which is the right side shaded area.


The same website also has an app for both iOS and Android. You can install that too. My concluding thoughts about the website are, it is a good tool for everyone studying maths and those who have some of the subjects related to maths. They can get a quick answer to their equations and problems.

If you enjoyed my post please upvote it and encourage me to make more posts related to different websites, apps, and software. Looking forward to your support. Don't forget to resteem and follow me @alan083.

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