Journal Entry January 18 2021

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I spent most of yesterday in bed. I wish I could say that I was not alone at the time, but I was. It did not matter though as my intention was to do as little as possible on Sunday and this included a prolonged period sleeping. I needed to recover from, yet another stressful week filled with new nonsense rules and increased inability to breath normally thanks to this horrible muzzle I am forced to wear. It is making me sick and the only response I get is “talk to your doctor”.

What doctor? I live in Ontario. I have not had a family doctor since about 2008.

People do not seem to realize that couples and, more particularly, families get priority to having a doctor. What do I get? Why every six months or so the Ontario Government sends me an obligatory form letter stating that I am ‘still on the list’ and if I have any real emergency come up, I should call them. Until then I am an orphan patient and probably will be for several more years.

Single people basically get fraked at every turn by the government, services and even retail. I would love to talk to my doctor, but I think things like my anxiety and depression would take priority first over my difficulty to wear a muzzle that does absolutely nothing but make weak minded people feel better about themselves.

And then what, if I have a doctor note saying I can not wear a mask do I get exiled to third shift like so many others? No thank you. The Government is now forcing my work to tell shoppers they must wear a mask. If they refuse, they are told to leave. If they will not leave, they call the cops, it has happened over half a dozen times now. And what about medical exemptions? Well, you can have one, but expect your personal information to be documented “for liability reasons”.

And staff, wear your mask over your nose, mouth, and chin, and socially distance or it is a $750 fine. The mask does not prevent the spread of the virus, if there is even a virus anymore, one hundred percent, nor does it prevent you from contracting the virus. Basically, it is yet another placebo for weak minds.

Add to that every half hour or more we must wipe everything down, even though recent studies are showing coronavirus is not surviving on surfaces, with disinfecting chemicals. If you can not prove you did it then the store gets a fine. Talk about a great cash grab for the government eh?

But hey, the mask makes you sick, well frak you, you uncaring pathetic person who should catch the virus! Yes, I had someone tell me that the other day when I made the mistake of standing up for people with medical conditions who have a legitimate exemption to wearing a mask. I know at least three people in my social/work circle who have legitimate reasons for not wearing one. The answer I got was “They should stay home and have someone else shop for them”, and when I commented how that was not fair, I was told “I hope you catch it then”.

I was not even advocated against wearing masks, though they are completely fraking useless. I was standing up for the right of freedom of movement for those people with legitimate health concerns that prevent them from wearing a mask. You know, those people we are supposed to be doing all this bullshyte for, the elderly, the at-risk, the ones with compromised immunity. But hey if they want to go out and shop frak em, right?

The person who told me they hope I catch it later apologized. I never say anything to that effect to anyone who opposes my opinions or point of view. I do not wish death or harm upon anyone, that is a left-leaning mentality. Love everyone but frak you if you disagree with me. I hold no ill will toward this person, these times have become a breeding ground for division and hatred toward your fellow man who is not like you. even if you have no idea why you should hate them. It sounds like a chapter out of 1984.

So yeah, I have been off for a day and a half and my throat is still raw. I have one more day off and during that it will start to improve, only to be beaten down once again when I return to work on Wednesday. But hey, the unexplained shortness of breath, raw scratchy throat and headaches that go away after a couple days not wearing a mask are completely my imagination, right? Oh, do not worry, it will take time to “get used to it”. Sorry, but I do not fraking want to “get used to” wearing a muzzle. For god’s sake what the hell kind of world are we living in?

And still people have the naïve ignorance to believe this will “all be over soon”. No, no it will not. The government is just easing us into the next stage of lockdown, more restrictions, more curfews, and more lives destroyed. But do not worry, there is always CBI right? We will have a choice, work for the state-controlled corporations who do whatever the government tells them to “in the interest of public safety, we’re all in this together” or die. Well, more accurately, starve and become a ward of the state. Lose your job, your home, your savings, everything, but hey you will still get that welfare cheque. You will have no self-dignity or pride in yourself left but those are evil traits for a sheep.

We were told there would be no curfew, but I will bet you that in two weeks when this latest lockdown nonsense comes due the curfew will be just around the corner. Torontory’s gestapo are already arresting protesters in the public spaces and telling democratic citizens when their peaceful protest is over. I am sorry Lord Tory but that is not how democracy and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms works.

And that is the thing, the “Emergency Act” that King Doug Ford, Premier of Ontario, has put in place once again does not supersede the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. For example, forcing someone to wear a mask. Unless you can prove that individual has a contagious virus that will cause you harm you can not legally force them to wear a mask. This is Fact.

But who has the money to fight the government? Rebel Media reported today that they are representing nearly 500 covid cop tickets that have been issued in the UK, Canada, and Australia. That is not even one percent of the tickets issued to date.

The plan is to make us sick, keep us sick and keep us under control.

“We are all in this together!” – the most hated phrase of 2020 that only a government official or shill would be stupid enough to use in 2021.