6th Alleged Pedophile Symbol in Mas Sajady & Fei "Fay" Zhou's Cult Marketing

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This page continues our analysis of what appears to be pedophile symbols in the marketing of the Mas Sajady & Fei "Fay" Zhou cult. Find the full list of Alleged Pedophile Symbols here.

Find a 2007 FBI document about pedophile symbols here.

This symbol we are looking at today shows a heart laying on top of a triangle. Using the same logic as the other symbols, this may mean an adult woman (heart) seeking to prey upon minor boys (triangle). Or perhaps it meant Sajady's dominatrix alleged mistress Fei Zhou fancying herself as the adult, him as the boy.

Note the blue theme, which matches the blue used in the "Boy Lover" pedophile symbol. In the same newsletter this blue symbol was emailed out, was the pink dandelion symbol. It appears that both the "Boy Lover" and "Girl Lovers" are covered in that newsletter.

  • Posted approximately September 3, 2017
Looking more closely, at the top of the symbol is a concave mark with a dot on top. Given Fei Zhou's propensity to modify symbols, this may be resembling any of a variety of symbols, from the Bavarian Illuminati symbol, to the Hindu Om symbol, to the Satanic Black Mass Indicator (Noted on p. 46 of the Satanic Cult Awareness Manual, which was prepared in 1993 by the US Dept of Justice). The parenthesis-type symbols to the left and right of the circle may be coping Illuminati owl imagery.


Continuing our investigation, a 2009 post entitled Pedophile Symbols and Codes: An Update discusses some modified versions of pedophile symbols. Apparently a pedophile commented in about some alternate versions of pedophile symbols. The Jane Seymour necklace and Roxy surfer girl logo could be used to indicate pedophiles that prey upon minor girls; the wiccan triple knot and pagan Vaulknot could be used for pedophiles that prey upon boys.

The Jane Seymour necklace stands out -- it has an open heart formed in the same fashion as the this blue alleged pedophile symbol.

Jane Seymour also sells a double heart necklace. Is she is selling these items deliberately, or if she is unthinking enough to simply listen to her "advisors"?

In yet another coincidence ... When we look at the page where the fourth alleged pedophile symbol is -- we see it sits right next to an image of a crown with the same type of inlaid stones as the Jane Seymour necklace. If the crown were vertical, you could see a three formed by it. Intentional? Maybe Fei Zhou and Mas Sajady can tell us. After all, he is marketed as "Transparent Self-Image."


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