Anthony Mackie Talks WandaVision, Falcon & The Winter Soldier

in #marvellast year

Eman was able to sit down with Anthony Mackie, as well as the head writer for Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Malcolm Spellman. This is a good brief discussion, that tackles a serious issue. How people refuse to discuss 'race' - and yet, race stood out for me, when Cap handed Sam his shield.

I saw so many reactions from people saying "It should've been Bucky!"

I couldn't help but think ... racism. It's always denied, even when it's obvious. They say things like, "it was Bucky in the comics" ... but, Sam was also Captain America in the comics too. To me, Sam made more sense. Bucky, by all means is still a criminal and a terrorist in the eyes of most people.

Imagine giving Bin Laden the Shield ....

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