Now at Level 37 after leveling grinding at Marvel Strike Force

in #marvel5 years ago

Grinding today is really fun when you are actually enjoying the game. It keeps on getting interested each time i open a random orb which has random hero shards, wherein you need a number of shards of a marvel character before you can fully acquired him.

I have many character shards and i am hoping that i can unlock as many marvel characters as possible so i can experiment grouping of the marvel characters that i can acquired. You need to choose many combination of heroes for you can created a team attack which can really save a character turn where you can attack in duo by using one turn.

This can be a really big advantage when you are engaging strong opponents or timed mission. At the same time there are skill and damage bonuses that has specific characteristics, so you need to read careful each characters skills. Skills can be a great advantage to you and sometimes a disadvantage if you did not do it right.

I will be showing you my Bulleye character which has really contributed in many missions. Still at one star but i am working on it that he will become a two star soon.

Screenshot from my Marvel Strike Force Account

Another good team healer is Hand Sorceress which can really save the team with his area healing. Still at Level 2 but i am still working on upgrading to level 3, so healing amount will be much greater.

Screenshot from my Marvel Strike Force Account

Just today, i have completed the shard of Yondu, a good character and one of the leader of Ravagers. He starts at two star, so it would not be a problem leveling him up.

Screenshot from my Marvel Strike Force Account

As for my alliance raid, we are almost finish. I am hoping that we can complete this mission in no time.

Screenshot from my Marvel Strike Force Account

I am inviting those who still not tried this game, you can download this for free in Android and iOS.


yeah.. i'm enjoying a lot now. Please update me when you tried it yourself. =)

Yea sure........thanks


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