Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.S05E14 "The Devil Complex" (My Review)

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If you don't want "Spoilers," scroll down to the "Non-Spoilers" section where I give my broad conclusion and overall thoughts

Spoiler (In-Depth Analysis)

I like this episode better than the last one. Not much plot goes on just Fitz keeping his dark side intact when he thought the Framework Fitz is from the fear portal but it was actually from his hallucination that can make the hard decisions. The other plot is where Coulson thought he captured Hale but it was the other way around. "The Devil Complex" is a fitting title cause you do have both stories where characters want to save the world BUT through messed up ways with Fitz operating on Daisy without her consent and Hale taking Coulson hostage without informing him for what particular reason. I feel like this episode and Principia could have been condensed into one episode as the story is pretty much revolved around the fear portal. I'm getting tired to the point where I want the story to advance to another part of this whole saving-the-world arc like the agents going against the team Hale mentioned in the end of All the Comforts of Home. I like the ending where we really know who Hale is working for. I really thought Hydra was dead. My theory is it is the Kree disguising themselves as Hydra as they gave her the opium. The opium bridges this story to the story from the first half of this season. I really hope we see the Kree people again. I hope the next episode doesn't dwell on the fear portal again as I've had enough. I also hope the majority of the setting doesn't take place in the present day lighthouse again.

Non-Spoilers (Over-all Thoughts)

This would be an amazing episode if they condensed it to 30 minutes as I feel the story is a bit stretched out. I like how they show internal struggles with the character. With what happened in "The Real Deal" and "Principia" and this one, I believe the story is starting to come together. What irks me about this episode is that the setting feels confined as it still feels like the first half of season 5 where it all takes place in the dystopian lighthouse. What also irks me is I feel a little tired as they still continue with that same specific story line. I have to give writers the credit though "The Devil Complex" is a fitting title to this episode.

My Grading Rubric:

The two-thumbs up means it is simply AMAZING. It shows that the replay is high and makes you want to watch it again and again. It also means that the show excel in every bit with drama/story/plot-progression/build-up while leaving you excited for the next episode. The two-thumbs-up ALSO proves that it is highly memorable one.
This picture grade means that its GREAT if not amazing. It means that it while it is not perfect it still has more strengths than weaknesses meaning that some parts are slow/boring while the rest is exciting or it gives plenty of thrills but overall generic. Even though it is not a two-thumbs-up the show can still be very memorable after watching the whole entire season.
This means it is just MEDIOCRE at best. There is plenty of good parts that make this show still enjoyable to watch. Replay is low and after watching it once you don't feel like watching it all over again unless you a HARDCORE fan and/or if you just skim through it to watch a few scenes.

This simply means that it is CRAP. It also means that for an amount of time you spend watching a movie/episode is also the amount of time you are never going to get back. I can simply have another picture that is two-thumbs-down to prove that it is dog shit but this picture grade shows that it is horrible and you want to avoid it at all costs.

My Grade For This Episode:

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