Marvel and DC characters, my fan-art series Part 1

in marvel •  2 years ago

While I was making series of fosts about Star Wars a thought came to my head: I should collect my Marvel and DC drawings in one structure too:) So, That's what came out. In this series there will be only two posts, and so, watercolot atrt first:

  • Iron Man

  • Groot

  • Hulk

  • Spider Man

  • Deadpool

  • Silver Surfer

  • Glob

  • Capitan America

  • Destroyer

Thank you for watching:)

Love, Inber

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Thanks @inber for the HULK!!!

Cool drawings :-) I like them.




You are welcome :-)

Hello this artwork is featured on the 4th Issue of Steem Sketch Book

Thank you for contributing the awesomeness of art here on Steemit!
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