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RE: Irime’s Training Log: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Competition Training (Fourth week report)

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Very very cool. I'm actually considering trying to convince my gf to train. Are those pictures after just 4 weeks of training for you? Or have you been training for a while and these are pics 4 weeks before and after your cut?

I train recreationally in muay thai and bjj (not competitively). Upvoted, followed and resteemed!


@aaagent Seems we do have a couple of things in common! I also train Muay Thai, although I am currently on a hiatus from it due to a knee injury.

Tell your girlfriend to give it a try! Once they get past the initial "rolling on the floor with a bunch of sweaty dudes? eeek..." (believe me, it didn't sound appealing to me either before I started), usually people get hooked and want to learn more; it is unexpectedly satisfying. Also, BJJ is a very valuable method of self defense, especially for women!

The pictures are just from before and after the 4-week cut. I have been training BJJ for almost a year already, but I never got my lazy ass to lose some of my extra fat, and the competition was good motivation for it. I still want to do another cut at the end of next month to improve my body composition further.

Thank you so much for resteeming! Cheers :-) Following back.