Drunk Kento Pirate Bitching About Mars

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Kento Pirate -Kento pirates hail from the Kento-Clan region, notorious for it's trade violations, robberies, and general level of disorder in the region. Kento pirates are often hired to their adept use of melee weapons like boarding axes, as well as their vocal encoders protecting whoever is hiring them to remain anonymous.

The Kento-Clan - A series of individual Crime Lords who are formed in a Militant Clan-Based organization, where many pirate clans work together (rarely) for a larger purpose, such as raiding supply depots.

Maka Herb - Gets the user notoriously high, creating vivid visions, pairs terribly with Thermal Alcohol, which is why so many pirates drink it alongside with smoking Maka, as it creates a venomous mental state, amplifying negative emotions and focusing them.

Lasto Smoke - The smoke created when Maka is combusted, it floats in the air for days a time, making it a nuisance for other patrons, often Kento ships are steaming with Last Smoke, and the users are dangerously high.

FooFoo Pipe - A pipe used to smoke many combustible items, often prized for being handmade

Hologrip - Allows the user to release pressure (in case they become too high or drunk to hold on properly) and keeping the FooFoo Pipe in place.

Audio Encoder - Allows the Kento Pirate to remain anonymous avoiding a unique and traceable voice signal.

Thermal Alcohol - Alcohol with preheated nitrogen inside of it, amplifying warmth and body temperature as well as mixing poorly with other drugs. The Alcohol makes the user more aggressive.

Mars - A prized target for Kento pirates, often complained about due it's ever increasing security measures.


I was under the influence of alcohol while drawing this. This was drawn around 8 months ago.

Song Listened to during drawing: The Sun's Gone Dim

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