Fetch the Brides | Day 16 of 90

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Recap Day 16 of 90

I woke up super early in the morning around 4.45 a.m to get myself prepare. By 5 a.m I head over to my cousin's house at Bukit Seppangar, which is about 10-15 mins away when there is no traffic.

Why am I waking up so early?

I was very honored to be my cousin's bridesmaid. As a bridesmaid, we need to help out a lot as in assisting our brides-to-be^^ In the early morning, before the wedding, we helped to prepare the task before the Groom arrives. Once the groom arrives to pick the bride up, the bridesmaids (we) test the groom with a series of questions and tasks (games). This test is essential to make sure the groom is fit for the job of husband. These fun activities are for the best man to help the groom to accomplish before he can be allowed into the family home to take the bride to his house.

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All the bridesmaid were given this red dress from the Brides. Clothes for the best men were given by the Groom.

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One of the famous game in Malaysia is eating this live Butod.

What is a Butod?

Butod is the larvae of Sago Palm Weevil, a species of snout beetle that consumes sago palm during its infancy. Sago Grub can grow fatter than the little finger and looks like a giant maggot. (Information from Google)

After accomplishing the task, it's tea ceremony time!!

What is the tea ceremony means at the wedding?

It is a tradition to show respect for the family. The couple first serves tea to the bride's family (elder) then the younger kids will serve tea to the couple and get 2 red pockets. After that, the couple will head to the Groom's house and serves tea privately to the Groom's family.

This is me taking the red pockets from the couple.
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