We Have Started 'Communities', With 'Certified' Users As 'Overseers' & We Are Give Them MARLIANS Stake To Grow With.

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So what has gone on lately is 'strategic drops'. This is a slower process than 'regular drops' which will be upcoming soon. At this stage, we are giving some 'stake' to established users, especially 'certified' users, to grow 'tag-spaces' (communities) that is in relation to their interest, dream or enterprise. 

This means that we are creating tag-spaces on marlians.com for 'existing or fresh communities' and giving out some stake to enlisted 'overseers' of these respective 'communities' that they grow with. 

So far, we have set up some 16 communities and give stake to some 50 users. 

Serious 'certified users' who have existing communities, 'communities of interest' or want to start our fresh communities, can always contact me on discord (@surpassinggoogle#1660) for help to start.

With 'certified' users, we move together and share 'even limited resources' both 'on steem' and 'outside of steem'. Once your 'communities' are flourishing and you want to upgrade to building an enterprise, we will help further, referencing you to steemgiggers who can help (even for free) and where you need developers, we will help further with an entire enterprise called 'macrohard.pro'.

After 'strategic drops', we will proceed onto 'automated drops' targeting a compiled list. This will help create awareness to marlians.com and potentially increase our user-count, at which stage we will look into increasing our token emission rate, subject to some analysis. 

In the meantime, we have started building 'automation tools' and we will resume full-blown activities on our discord server, whereupon, there will be 'ongoing drops' to interactive users. 

In subsequent posts, we will be airing out our existing 'communities' and announcing 'respective overseers' and their starting collective-stake. This will also be a way of inviting others to across the steem network to join us on marlians.com so that we can all grow and move together.

FOR INSTANCE, we have created a home for '#cn' as seen on 'https://www.marlians.com/created/cn'. This community currently has '4 'certified' users' (overseers), namely '@htliao, @cn-marlians, @minloulou and @honoru' and they have been given an additional collective-stake of '8000 MARLIANS' to grow with. 

See image:

Let's grow together.

READ our colorlesspaper here, and learn more about our plans for 'certified' users. 

When Should I Use The #marlians tag?

We welcome and support 'all content-type' and 'all locations'. We value each human.

We are also about "uniting communities". This means that we will welcome and support content from other steem tribes and this is already in motion. 

We are a home and a close-knit family 'moving together' and this means that we will share "even our limited resources". To this effect, we are evolving a portfolio in 'steem-tribes-stake' that we use to curate 'content from other tribes' found on 'marlians.com' and our portfolio currently looks like this:

Your Boy Terry



Get Certified

First 1000 certified uloggers will get 50 MARLIANS. This aside other ongoing drops.

Steps 1: Send '5 STEEM' to '@marlians' with this memo; '1 month certification'

Step 2: Do a 'ulog' via 'marlians.com' discussing the process of 'how you became a certified ulogger'. Make sure to use '#ulog'. 

Step 3: Subscribe to 'UloggersTV YouTube'. 

Step 4: Fill up this google form

If you desire, you can DM '@surpassinggoogle#1660' on discord when you are done with the steps, to hasten the process.

Note: Where you get certified now, your payment ("one month certification") hasn't started counting yet but you will already be 'certified'. This is a bonus. We will notify you when "the one month" starts counting (after we have setup our automation-tools). 

See our list of 'certified uloggers' on 'https://ulogs.org/discover'  

To Get Some 'MARLIANS'

Here are the steps:  

  • Visit 'https://steem-engine.com/?p=market&t=MARLIANS' and login using the keychain extension or directly using your private posting key.
  • Click on the 'DEPOSIT' button to deposit STEEM. Note that you can also deposit BTC, ETH, LTC, EOS etc with steem-engine.
  • Go on to buy some MARLIANS.

Kindly subscribe to UloggersTV on YouTube

Kindly vote on the 'steemgigs' witness

If you can translate this post into other languages, feel free to do so. You can also show me on discord, so that i can resteem it.

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Hi friend @surpassinggoogle.

I must congratulate you for the good organization you have had with the launch of Marlians. I see that you have covered all aspects, from manual airdrop assignments until users certification.

Have you established an account to control abuse?

Again, I congratulate you and wish you much success.

All best, Piotr.

That will come about overtime but isn’t primary. Primary is to instill a culture that emanates ulogs or ulogging-style content, content that is created fresh each time and doesn’t resource from the internet. Besides marlians, there is ulogs.org and steemgigs.org

We are focusing on a strong base and growing that base. The base is made up of ‘certified’ uloggers who will be those who have grown to levels as owners where they produce quality. Where this base is strong and moves together, we do better against plagiarism etc than a central account

Posted via Marlians.com

Thank you for being so responsive @surpassinggoogle


但是CN社区的认证ulogger不止4人,还有我@hertz300和嘉楠@jianan 也是早期的认证ulogger
#marlians More than 26K stake

Posted via Marlians.com

Yes thanks a lot. You can dm me as well if you have a space in mind to oversee

Posted via Marlians.com

I am very happy to help, haha😃

Posted using Partiko Android

Sounds interesting. You have to pay 5 steem every month to stay a ulogger though? I'm still a bit confused as to what all the perks are.

Posted via Marlians.com

Yes but it doesn’t start counting just yet. As tools are still being created. It is about perks and the payment exists to keep it scarce among other reasons. It is bigger than just perks. You can read more here: https://www.marlians.com/marlians/@surpassinggoogle/the-revised-colorlesspaper-for-marlians-com

Certified uloggers are certified on ulogs.org and steemgigs.org as well

Posted via Marlians.com

Great initiative, similar to our ambassador program at ReggaeSteem.io. Delegating members and having them curate content and grow with the network is key!

Cheers 🍻 !BEER

Posted using Partiko iOS

Awesome. We are trying without a delegation. Let’s see how that goes. I have seen reggaesteem. They will have a space soon as well on marlians.com where each reggae lover can earn Marlians as well

Posted via Marlians.com

Thank you for the stake!

I have been reading and upvoting all of the ulog-mama posts.


Thank you a lot. So valued. Stay awesome.

Posted via Marlians.com

God bless us Terry, Hail MArlians!!!
I'll do some Marlians footers to help in the campaign

Posted via Marlians.com

Please share with me and tag me :)

Also, if you are willing and able, a footer advertising ulog-mama would be great.

Yeah I would gladly do that :) maybe this week

I have you in mind. Just weak. But I added you to https://www.marlians.com/created/anime and will create a hoops one soon. But please read more about ulogging. A ulog does resource any aspect from the internet. And #ulog is only for ulogs. Thank you a lot for the banners. Any graphics is appreciated since there isn’t much

Posted via Marlians.com

@surpassinggoogle, Everyone looks for a space where they can express and create aspects of their dreams, and for sure Marlians is becoming that with the help of Tokenised Ecosystem. Keep up brother and hope that everything is happening in the divine timing.

Stay blessed brother and blessings of light is with you.

Posted using Partiko Android

I sent you some stake as well. And for now added to you a space. I will recall. Maybe #actifit? Soon I will work on a space for you

Posted via Marlians.com

Thank you so much brother. Really happy to hear that. Stay blessed.

Posted using Partiko Android

GodSpeed ! :) 💙 ♬♬

Posted using Partiko Android

Thank you

Posted via Marlians.com


Posted using Partiko Android

To view or trade BEER go to steem-engine.com.

Hey @surpassinggoogle, here is your BEER token. Enjoy it!

Am I the only one who doesn’t grok #marlians?

What’s the elevator pitch?

Ulogs are basically online diaries. Right now, marlians has a little bit of "a little bit of everything" going on - but the actual ULOGS part is my second favorite project on the STEEM blockchain (my favorite is #steemitmamas of course). You get to see "real" life from around the world, the different traffic patters, food choices, entertainment.

Yes marlians aims to bring that culture about but via a slow process where content begins as it is known then begins to shift towards ulogging-style content and that is why we are building around a growing list of ‘certified’ uloggers so that the inculcation is an entire joint movement

Posted via Marlians.com

Hahaha you aren’t the only but that is okay. It is still new. There isn’t much of a pitch as it is a long road. However besides marlians, there is ulogs.org, steemgigs.org, teardrops.network with the same tenets. You can gain insight into what marlians is about here: https://www.marlians.com/marlians/@surpassinggoogle/the-revised-colorlesspaper-for-marlians-com

Posted via Marlians.com

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Thank you for the stake. I am trying to balance my time to look into growing here... Mama's life is quite challenging. But like you say, let's grow together.

Posted via Marlians.com

Congratulation! I wish you succes. I stake 3700 marlians and go with you😉

Posted via Marlians.com

I love what you are doing boss

Can you drop your Telegram ID?

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