Marky On Air Episode 21 Recording

in markyonair •  2 months ago 

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thanks, things are changing quickly around here, love it!

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Hi @themarkymark! I noticed you wrote me a private message on Discord the moment I removed a witness vote for you asking is there something you've done? I'm replying in public because I don't like hiding and don't like people who hide.

It's all about trust and I trust people whom I know and like. I'm sorry but I don't know you.

No offense. It's censorship free blockchain and you will surely find other supporters.

Here you go, my apology

Thanks! But you don't owe me any apology... I understand if some people choose not to disclose their true identity to strangers on the internet. The rules of blockchain don't require this. On the other hand, transparency builds trust.

The fact I have been downvoting spammers well before it was cool has caused me to get death threats and much more. I won’t be divulging my name.


Fair enough.

Thanks for letting me know. It’s pretty cool you know everyone else.

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