Jeff Christian Fiddles As Silver Demand Overwhelms the LBMA.

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Today we will look at the recent news out of the Royal Mint in the U.K. of how demand for silver bars for March-April 2021 was up 540% from the same period in 2020.

We will also look at some outrageous comments by the head of the CPM Group Jeff Christian concerning the missing 106 million troy ounces from the LBMA.

Wall Street Silver Reddit:

Wall Street Silver YouTube channel:

Royal Mint Reports increase of 540% in sales of silver bars:,The%20Royal%20Mint%20has%20reported%20that%20the%20sale%20of%20silver,compared%20to%20March%20%E2%80%93%20April%202020

$100 silver price target; Keith Neumeyer challenges market surplus data:

Jeff Christian interview - LBMA overstates silver inventories, gold price stalls despite record inflation, what’s going on?:

Bullion Banks Overstate LBMA Silver Holdings By 106 Million Troy Ounces.:


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