‘Father of Reaganomics’ says ‘get out of the market’ — bond and stock market — ‘and put your money in cash’

in markets •  8 months ago 

David Stockton is consistent with his bearish predictions.

He appeared on Neil Cavuto's show and said that the easy money policy of the Fed is going to cause a market crash. Investors should bail now and move all holdings to bonds and cash.

This is a song that Stockton sang for a number of years. So far, he was wrong. The Fed's easy money policy is now closing in on a decade yet, in spite of record debt, we are seeing the stock market close to all time highs.

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You have to be very careful when you listen to all these so-called "experts".

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So many variables in the financial markets, it's hard to really pinpoint much, but it is an interesting take. Thanks for sharing.

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Putting my residuals into silver. Creating my own bank.

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