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RE: Crowdsourcing the Future w/Marketing Plan Announcement

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I know I should wait till early next, but couldn't resist asking anyway :) - Will Steemit Inc. offer financial support for community led marketing efforts? Also, any possibility of rewards for notable referrals?


Yup, you're going to have to wait :) What I will say is that IF we were going to do something like that we would first need to develop a robust protocol for determining what projects would likely produce a positive return and those projects will have to produce metrics which enable us to form such conclusions. I think it's safe to say that nobody wants us sinking resources into projects that will produce a negative return as that would be definitionally unsustainable.

Sure, no one wants to waste money on projects unlikely to produce a positive return. I'm willing to bet, a vast majority of crowdsourced ideas will be worthless. In the end, Steemit Inc has to lead the way. The community can help, but only to an extent. Every last one of the world's largest websites got there due to a single focused, efficient and motivated marketing team before attaining critical mass and network effect.

Hello @liberosist
Every last one of the world's largest websites got there due to a single focused, efficient and motivated marketing team before attaining critical mass and network effect.

That is only your opinion. It is not the case with Bitcoin or Facebook. It is the case with Amazon. will be big when most people can get money in and out easy. The money you can use in the world easy is the money we all want.

Have a nice day

I agree. Though it has its place, the value of a democratic (non focused) approach to business initiatives is often overrated.

you use too many big words, it's not necessary and a big turn off to average everyday people

well, to the best of my knowledge.. i'm an everyday user... I haven't found any words too big to understand or that are a turnoff.

definitionally unsustainable


quite clearly naysayers abound ... especially those who lack responsibility of leadership

They should have hired you for community outreach.

absolutely right....reputation, evidence, staggered support on delivery of targets etc

Sounds like you know what you're talking about. Want to chat in

I'd like to invite you to interact with the Steemspeak Voice chat community on Discord. You will find a large community of Steemians eager to hear what you have to say, and share their thoughts with you.

I'll look forward to meeting you.

@andrarchy on this point I would point out when you take this to the extreme it kills innovation. If everything had to be costed, projected etc you lose momentum and great ideas can get buried.

Of course spend your money wisely but try to maintain a bit of flexibility and don't always get bogged down in metrics. Innovation especially in a new space cannot always be measured. And if unmeasurable innovation does not continue the sum of the parts will diminish.

A way to tackle this would be to have as part of the plan a fund for "interesting ideas", things that fell right but may not work out, an innovation fund which is assessed differently.

Sure, it's about measuring and balancing risk.

All of crypto is a moonshot, so were not averse to this approach. The value of metrics is that they serve as a selection mechanism... the kind of people who chart their progress are probably going to be able to run projects better, and therefore succeed.

That doesn't mean we won't support and nourish big, 'fun' ideas when we see them. An advantage of crowdsourcing is getting as many great eyes and minds on as many ideas as possible to find those worth trying.

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