Come on! Nothing is as big as my house. Be real. LOL

Yes. The Allure of the Seas is three football fields long. From time to time, I did get lost on it until I started throwing down breadcrumbs.

My father used to get lost in the house on the Shore. (The Eastern Shore, down below you) The old Victorian is an 1869 Rustic Victorian with secret pass-throughs and hidden rooms (for the underground railroad) I got turned around in it when first bought.

Say, you aren't holding that against me, are you??

Thanks for stopping by and saying hello!

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That would be so awesome to have a place like that! Other than the sheer neatness factor of it, I can imagine these conversations: "Where's mom?" "Not sure, haven't seen her since this morning." "Aw crap, we need to send out another search party."

No, not holding that against you at all! That's just too neat.

It is cool, but, some days, it can be a little work with the few acres that comes with it. It has been a great get away from the DC area and the kids love it for the access to Chincoteague Beach or Ocean City, although I like the wild pony sanctuary better. :)

Here is a shot of it I took a few months back in the summer, although the shutters are being painted, originally it had none, so I guess this is more of what it is supposed to look like. Believe me, it is easy to get lost in there, because the hallways circle around but, I don't have dementia or Alzheimers yet, so it is all good. :)

Here it is, I just posted it Tuesday. ;)

BTW... don't think we haven't had those conversations!!! LOL

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