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RE: Market Friday gets the Royal Treatment

You had me confused for a second thinking i had the days wrong LOL

your Cruise ship posts makes me so want to do one sometime, but i know I would never get Lulu on one she has a fear of being out on the water from experiences she had when she was younger, now if I Fido’s one i would have to go into that North Star Pod thingy looks so cool to me

Have a great day



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Oh, I couldn't believe I did that! I was going to be put of town this Friday, so I was preparing the post early and scheduling it and hit post instead. Seriously.

I know Lulu cannot do one, so, it isn't a factor, but, of course, I know you would love the North Star! It is pretty cool and when you are hovering over the ocean, a little thrilling. :) Of course, the iFly is pretty cool also and is a fun adventure all by itself, simulating parachuting. Oh, yes. All on the ship, although the iFly's they have all over the country now.

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LOL I guessed that s what happened has happened to me before once or twice

Indoor skydiving is Something I have wanted to try and ust do someday must be such a blast

and I forgot to mention the NZ lamb chops for sure the best lamb one can get :)

You really have got to try it, I think you will love it! There is one in Westchester, NY which isn't too far.

NZ lamb is the only lamb I will eat! You are totally right! The very best! :)

Now, I want lamb chops for dinner!

Ohh I am sure i would love it and maybe one day I will Tyr it :)

And yes NZ lamb is the only oneI will eat as well, sometimes Wholefoods has it here, may have to check them out this weekend

I have to agree with you there. I buy mine at Whole Foods also but there are a few more places here starting to carry it. I may have to try them out although I am not unhappy with Whole Foods, but, you just never know! :)

Thank you. You have been a real help today with my problem.

And maybe you can find them cheaper, they sure are not cheap at Wholefoods

I know! That is one of the reasons I started looking around. Costco, Sam's Club and Amazon carry it. Amazon overnights it.

There were a few more places locally that I may have to give a try.

Off I go right now to check amazon :)

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