MarketFriday at Powers Farm Market

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fridaymarket sunscape.jpg
marketfriday challenge photography food grapes .jpg
marketfriday challenge photography food potato .jpg
marketfriday challenge photography apples .jpg
marketfriday challenge photography candy .jpg
marketfriday challenge photography fall decor.jpg

Here are a few pictures of my recent visit to Powers Farm Market. Fall is a favorite season of mine and the market smells so good inside with all the fresh produce. Happy Friday everyone!

Thank you to @dswigle for creating this wonderful #fridaymarketchallenge. Now I have to do my best to get to a market more often ;-)

Until next time, this is Sunscape...

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Post on steemit! I support you! I just sent you some SBD to your wallet and I want to be friends! :)

I really love the pictures you took!
So bright and happy looking!
I love fall, I really enjoy this time of year!

Snek hugs


Awh thanks for the hug, I love fall too, I think it is the smells that are so comfy cozy somehow. Apple pies, smoke from the fireplace, fresh baked goodies and the crisp fall leaves, yeah... life is grand.

I want some of those grapes! I bet they're very sweet.


Those dark, purple grapes are so good from our Finger Lakes region in Naples, NY. They make a tasty pie that is to die for.

Good post with great photos. You are lucky to live near such wonderful places...I live remote, and we just don't have these markets except for in the cities...too far for me. So I shall just enjoy the marketchallenge posts. 😀


I am glad that you can enjoy the posts. I often wish I lived in a more remote area and then I remind myself of all the things that are within 5 miles of me, and I change my mind... lol I so do love the country though, that is a major part of my upbringing. I have 6 markets like these within 10 miles of my house and they are all unique. Happy weekend @katdvine

Nyc Post!! I like Your Posts!!

Oh, I love this market! I truly do! How fortunate to have a market like this that lasts so long.

I don't like candy, but that corn has grabbed my attention! Those grapes look divine!

Can you take me back next week? Pretty please! Thanks for always supporting!!

Please leave the link to your post on my #marketfriday comment section so it can easily be found. They will all be in one place!! Thank you!

Upped and Steemed tip!


Oh Denise, I forgot about the link, will do asap. Also have more pictures for next week to share. Have a great weekend.


No worries. It is pretty new but it sure helps me from having to track them down. For some reason, some don't pop up with the tag. Sometimes they do. :)

Great Market


Thank you Gregbit I will share more photos next Friday too of this market.

oh ohh me loves farmers markets :D the 'omg do this even exist' stuff you can find :D Your framing on the door picture is spotless 💗💗💗 Thank you for bringing us :D


Thank you for enjoying one of many farmers markets from my town. Next week I will share some more photos from inside as it has a lot of good stuff.