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I went to a jewelry/guitar/art/antique/mineral store for this #marketfriday by @dswigle

They had something for everyone there, these little polished stones were for kids to play around with while the adults look at expensive jewelry.

They had plenty of examples of the minerals and metals used to make the jewelry like this copper raw sample.

Here's a phrenite specimen that looks like a marble got embedded in some crystals.

Here's a piece of a geode.

Another geode sliced in half.

Another example of a geode slice.

Flourite on sphalerite a strange tangle of minerals.

Here's a few gypsum and quartz samples.

This quartz looks like a frowny faced monster.

Here's some fossilized critters embedded in matrix.

Some salt crystals that look like branches of a tree.

Now for some other things at the store. This is a polished marble egg with an elephant.

They had some abstract art for sale as well.

Another strange abstract painting.

Now for some jewelry, these kind of have a santa fe western feel to them.

A few nice pendants of pearl.

Here's some gemstone pendants.

More rings, these were in the antique section.

More antique jewelry with a coin bracelete.

Now for some antique watches.

More antique watches.

A mishmash of antique objects and pendants.

Here's a couple strange looking lucky charms.

Some shiny rings i forget the mineral used in these ones.

Now for my favorite part of the store, the guitars. My fiance was resizing her engagement ring while i played a few of these. This jaguar is amazing they don't make them like they used to.

Here's a really old gibson es.

A wonky looking firebird.

Here's a newer telecaster with a sparkly copper finish.

Now for a strange plate. That's it for this #marketfriday

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My idea of heaven!

I know the owner of this store he's a guitar horder like me but worse (he has 300). I met him when i used to work at a little vintage guitar store (maintaining their website).

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I love people like that.


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Lots of nice gems and minerals.

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  ·  2 months ago (edited)

Looks like we both got a bit of vintage look this week i was at a vintage market myself this weekend and i love that fossilized critters embedded in matrix...just awesome 😀

Wowo....such a nice place to roam around...all pure natural stuff
...loved it👍

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I have never been to a jewelry guitar art antique mineral store all at once! So I really looked forward to this post! And the little polish stones that you claim kids play with are some of my favorite ones to take a handful I walk around with. Of course once you started getting into the the real stuff oh, well I tossed the stone to side. That is such an amazing copper sculpture and I think I would love it in my house. And of course who doesn't love geodes? And that fluorite was downright amazing and yes it was a Stengel of minerals but it was so exotic and unique.

I had to look close to see if it really said fossilized Critters. LOL

The polished marble eggs was kind of cool and very Indian looking and the abstract art was something I probably would put in my house, strangers they are. Oh yeah turquoise always has that Santa Fe Western Field to them. And I like the coins hanging on the bracelet that is a little bit unusual and timepieces are my thing. Although the charms of strange-looking they're kind of cool and I could not pass up the guitar section if you tied me down. Oh lordy he really have a lot of beauties there! And tell sad strange played over here I think I could serve fruit on that. Thank you thank you thank you! This was an amazing post and I thank you so much for being a part marking Friday!

#MarketFriday loves you!

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