Marketfriday - return to childhood

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Hello, my dearest friends! Today is #MarketFriday and we are going to the fair again and admire the creations of our Kuban craftsmen who make fun toys for children.

As a child, everything looks different: the trees seem very high, the colors are brighter, and each new day is more interesting than the previous one. With us often occur any events that remain in memory for a long time, sometimes even for life. Many and through 30-40 years remember their first toys, and with great pleasure looking at those that play their children or grandchildren today.

Each of us was a child, someone liked to play with dolls or stuffed animals, someone built a fortress, and someone preferred to engage in drawing and music.

When I come to exhibitions I always try to take pictures of toys. What is not the case. It seems that I'm not a child, but it's nice to look at this fantasy holiday, and the smile just does not go off the face.

This is my contribution to #marketfriday, hosted by our lovely Denise, @dswigle.

Look at this charm of shapes, colors and compositions. Here you and the whole family of colorful rabbits or cute funny hedgehogs.

Cute fluffy cats on the pads. By which well, just do not pass, they attract you with their gentle gaze :-)

These cars look amazing, this is not ashamed to give a birthday baby. All such toys are made of natural material and made by hand.

And of these designers can build a menagerie. Children like this activity very much, and it is good to develop motor skills and imagination of the child.

Here we again saw a lot of small dolls for any occasion. Some today use as a talisman or take with them for good luck on a long trip, others protect your home from the evil eye :-)


At the fair before the New year we did not have snow. The here, then there stood here is such small Christmas trees with toys.


And some masters brought here such handmade jewelry, though they were not cheap, but were made with love :-)


On the streets there were many artificial Christmas trees with symbols of the New year. Music was playing everywhere and people were having fun.


And although it rained on New year's eve, the mood was still festive and cheerful.


And now, by tradition, beautiful flowers - peony for friends :-)


Thank you for your attention and visit. I appreciate your feedback and comments. I wish you luck and have a nice day!

Best wishes,

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Your Kuban craftsmen make fun toys for the children! There isn't anything quite as sweet as our childhoods, is there? I loved how bright the colors were, the enjoyment out of the simple little toys, they didn't have to be elaborate!

I really do love the colorful handmade rabbits in the basket. They were such a happy little bunch of cuties, weren't they? The basket really made it a fun looking way to display them! The cats were sooooo sweet! Who could pass them up without a little pet of their soft fur? I am sure that I couldn't!

The trucks really were awesome! I would pay top dollar for something so well made. My dad used to make so many of our toys when we were kids. He like to work with wood, so he made a lot of dollhouses, dollhouse furniture and riding toys for us kids. There were nine of us. :)

The town was indeed beautiful, so Christmassy looking and the jewelry, well, who doesn't love a little bit of bling now and then. Thank you so much for the precious flower. So pretty and I am always delighted that you post one. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and thank you so much for posting to #MarketFriday!

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Thank you very much for your interest and attention, dear Denise.
Today I go again to the fair for new photos :-)


My pleasure! Good luck at the fair!


Thanks )


So cute little souvenirs. Thanks for the photos!


And thank you for your attention and interest :-)

Игрушки действительно чудесные. Зайцы смешные, а поросенок бы наверняка понравится Свинни :))))


Это точно :-)

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Those hedgehogs are so cute! I love seeing all the handmade toys!


I'm very glad you liked them. We have such fairs-every week. There will be many more toys! Thank you for your attention!

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Thanks )