Finally Some Late Night Shopping

in marketfriday •  12 days ago


It's been a while since I got a payday off work, so I got to drive to London for some 2AM shopping at metro!!


So lets check it out!!
I got sidetracked with some flowers!!!



There was a moose on the loose there!!


They had a lovely booze section there too!! But it was too late to buy any, ahhh!!


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Wow! You really started the post off the right way, didn't you? You probably knew that you would get my attention showing off a flower! How right you are!

I am glad to see that you got to pay day off work and driving to London at 2 a.m. is exactly what I would want to do. Actually, I probably would want to. I see that you get sidetracked by flowers also. It's so easy to do! They just stand there all pretty and call out your name. Who could resist? Not this chick. Somebody really needs to round up that moose on the loose. Call the London Zoo and see what they can do about it, besides arrest you for being a nuisance. LOL

I think that you should protest that they won't sell you booze at 2 a.m. what kind of place is that anyway? As always I want to thank you for participating in Market Friday which are always awesome posts. Happy New Year to you!

Upped and steemed


Very beautiful flowers!
And what did you give your wife for the new year?


groceries!! and a super nintendo in a few hours!!

Big store with lovely flowers. Love the moose. All the best for the New year to you & yours. Shaun. 🥳

looks like a cool place for shopping even if it was to late to get some booze

That first flower photo is gorgeous and very eye catching, @shaunf. Looks like a fun middle of the night shopping trip!

These flowers are beautiful, good catches!

And do not sell Christmas trees ???


they did earlier, but the was known for sale today!!

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