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RE: Market Friday gets the Royal Treatment

What a wonderful post here Lady Denise.
Maybe one day when I get a chance I will ride on one of those oversized canoes, even if it is just for the food.
It certainly looks like a great experience and that little pod up in the sky looks like a golf ball on a tee, waiting for Thor to strike it with his no. 19 driver hahaha.
Enjoy your time wherever you are and know that we are one in spirit!


My dear sir. I wish I were here now. This was a couple of months ago. I will be heading out in ten days for a work temporary duty down in South America somewhere and then to Panama and then to Columbia - then I will hop another ship for a little vacation. I am sure that you will get a semi report on it.

I hope you get a chance one day, you and lady Marian sure deserve it! It would be nice for a change to know that someone is taking care of the two of you and catering to your every need.

Then, of course, I would push you into the North Star and watch you ride high! ;) Thank you for stopping by and saying hello! As you can see, I pushed the wrong button last night and posted #MarketFriday a day early! Can you believe it? Instead of schedule your post, I hit post. Ugh!

Oh, well, it happens! I hope you have a wonderful day!

#MarketFriday loves you!


What? No "Le Sigh) Wigle trademark here about pushing the wrong button?

Now it is nit my business to ask what kind of volunteering work you are going to do in the places, but I know this. If Lady Denise is going to do it, then it will be well done.
Wherever you go, please know that we are with you in heart and in spirit and most importantly in prayer!
All love also to you and thank you for your kind generosity.

It was truly a Le Sigh moment! :)

Hahaha, happens to all of us my dear friend.

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