marketfriday by @dswgle : "siete palabras and procession"

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In our country if it's good friday we always have that "siete palabras" before the mass. At 10 in the morning the siete palabras started. But of course they will read what's on the bible. They should read it with feelings so that the people who are there must feel the words they said.

7 person also will read in that and every people must tell of their story in life before reading what's in the bible. Too many people were inside the church. If you'll arrived there at 12 noon, you can't sit inside. That's why most of the people who came late will bring chairs for their own.

After the siete palabras there was a mass. After the mass we will now proceed outside to go in a procession. As you can see, there are many statue's of Mary and many Saints. I couldn't take photo of the statue of Jesus lying down. He was dead already so his statue will lie there and followed by Mother Mary and then the Saints.

Every statue has full of decorations, especially flowers. And every statue has a generator that follows on it. There was a generator so that there will be lights when we're in procession and it's already late. Also while we're having a procession, there were two persons who prayed on it. Then sometimes we sang the prayer while walking.

Lot of people came along and my phone can't take it all. lol
We walked for more than an hour then we went back in the church.

But this coming 10 in the evening there will be a procession again. But only the statue of Mother Mary will be in the procession. We had this kind of procession because we imitate it in the bible. Remember that time when Mother Mary was searching for his son, Jesus.

Thanks for reading.

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Interesting to read and see about the processions they have there for Good Friday
Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk !tip

yeah and in easter sunday we will wake up at 3 in the morning and make some dances to rejoice the the rise of Jesus. I will make some post of it.

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I look forward to seeing that post ;)

Thank you for joining #MarketFriday! Happy Good Friday to you! There are so many places that have the special remembrance walks of faith during this time of year.

When I lived in Texas, they carried the cross for days and days. This year, according to The National Catholic Reporter "a man portraying Jesus carries a cross down a neighborhood street during a live re-enactment of the Stations of the Cross outside All Saints Catholic Church in Houston on Good Friday.


This is wonderful that you get to experience this firsthand. It is a very special time for you and your family. I look forward to the Sunday post of Easter!

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thanks, yes I will make some post about our easter here. I hope I can write it well and make it more understandable.

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You did fine and I understood you perfectly well. No worries there!

I love the post on which people share their culture manners. It really showed the variety of our culture even if we share the same religion. Wonderful picture.

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yeah, if we keep on looking on different cultures. We will realise that there are things in the world that we didn't know yet.

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I know that nowadays we can find everything on the website but when other people share their experiences with passion and knowledge it's way better.

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you are very right, because some of people only told stories what they learned from a book or from another person, which is no assurance that it's true. Unlike if someone had tried it or experienced it, it is more believable or realistic.

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Yes, indeed my friend you are completely right. And that's why witnesses are so much better than book worms.

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yeah indeed, especially in my part I love sharing our culture. Aside from writing stories, poems and articles. I want to tell the world our story that might found them interesting

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@ana-maria here's our good friday procession

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@wesphilbin this is how our good friday look's like.

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