MarketFriday goes to Moro Market

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Today is #marketfriday which is initiated by @dswigle right here on steemit.This is where the weekend's happiness begins.I get so excited simply because the weekend is here again just as always. On this day every week,we share beautiful photos of the various markets around the world.I love this moment and cant wait to be part always.

I actually didnt plan going to the yams market today.There has been a very heavy downpour which couldnt permit most people to make it to their various places of interest.This compelled me to pass by the MORO MARKET today here in Kumasi to see the yams that would catch my attention. This market friday journey has got me so many friends at the various markets I usually visits especially this very one.And so the happiness for coming was doubled up...I always enjoy sharing every market with fellow steemians.

Ghana really is endowed with so much food. Here today are the yams from various sellers ready for wholesale distribution to retailers. At this place,yams are sold at very affordable prices for retailers too.Most people enjoy buying yams from this places simply because of how less expensive they are. Ghana yams are of different varities and so delicious.





 Photos by LG G5

And thats just about it for today on #markrtfriday solely dedicated to @dswigle(Denise). Special greetings and shououts going to all my lovers especially @old-guy-photos @hanen @polebird @chris4210 @mafeeva @mummyimperfect @ak20202 @joythewanderer @surfyogi @testing123 @tytran @ackza @slowwalker @redes @newhope @ripperone @tj4real @kofpato @prettyjules158 @txatxy @samest @alimuddin @anaman @raskhern @loso @alexis555 and all members of the @wafrica curation team and @steemitashanti.Wishing you all the very best that the weekend brings.Everyday is a living poetry,lets not forget that.


Thank You, @mcsamm


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African markets all looks alike. I will like to visit Ghana someday


that will be more than are always welcome whenever you want to

I love yam, and never seen the white long ones!


Wow..and they are so delicious too

You have always sent me the best looking yams in town! No matter how many times I see them, they still amaze me! I love the way the market sets them up in very organized piles!

Piles of yams!

Thank you for participating in #MarketFriday as always! Your participation is awesome and I always look forward to it!

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Such a beautiful words. I wish you could have a taste of the Ghanaian yams l share are amazing to give us this..happy weekend @dswigle

We dont have that vegetable in my country. I see this for the first time. Amazing!


Nice to see you here @hanen. Happy weekend too

Wow..those yams are huge! I've never seen yams like that in stores here. It's so cool to see different markets from around the world..thanks for sharing @mcsamm!!


I am glad you came

yams is so huge. It is impossible to take it in a bag and carry it away. need a cart :)


Hahaha...but we do have bags to carry them yam can just feed a whole family too..thanks @tali72

Send some of this yam brother lol