Market Friday goes to Costco

We usually like to go to Costco on Friday morning to stock up on things. I thought I would share a few photos for Market Friday #marketfriday as initiated by @dswigle

This is one of the big warehouse type stores that you need a membership to get in. There are many good deals on things and the products are of high quality imho.

I’m impressed with the shear size of the store with several layers of pallets of products stacked up towards a very high ceiling. There are some nice skylights in the ceiling that give natural light.

Some of the products come packed in a lot of plastic so in general the local food co-op is where we purchase the fresh produce. You can find some good deals here though. I was hungry for some watermelon because of seeing it on someone’s post.

Fruit and Vegetables at Costco – click for viewing full screen

I was amazed at the size of the walk in refrigerator the first time I saw it. There are lots of fresh salads mixes here that are really good and come ready to eat.

Giant walk in refrigerator – click for viewing full screen

The shopping carts are really large. Some people fill them up a lot more than we do. For as many people that come shopping, checking out and paying for the items usually goes pretty fast.

There is a small restaurant in the store too that has really good cheese pizza slices. They are nice to eat with some of the free sauerkraut.

Shopping cart filled with goodies – click for viewing full screen

Although I like the pricing and quality of the store the parking lot can be a bit hard to negotiate when everyone is shopping.

The days of the corner grocery stores are gone.

Thanks for reading! I always value your support and comments. The pictures were taken by me with my Galaxy S9+


Oh yes! Costco is one of my go-to places when I need copious amounts of things. Thank you for being a part of #MarketFriday!

Costco and Sam's Club are just like the little cities aren't they? They are so huge and so big it's unbelievable. The first time I walked into that walk-in refrigerator I could not believe it, however their merchandise in there was pretty fresh So I was happy with it. The only problem I have with a place like that is you have to buy in big bulk and a lot of times I don't need in big bulk. A few things but not that many.

I want you to know that you are the very first person to do a post on Costco and so I appreciate it because I can remember the first time I went in there and then there were pallets of product stacked to the sky. My eyes were like a kid at Christmas time. I don't think I've ever seen that much food in my life.

You have a pretty nice cart full of food and I dare say that I wouldn't mind coming to your house to eat. The parking lot can be a little hairy at times but for the most part I go in there really earlier right before they close.

If I go back home to Connecticut we still have lots of Corner Grocery Stores, but here in the Washington DC area the big box stores rule. Thank you so much for being a part of Market Friday I enjoyed reading your post.

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hi friends @lightsplasher ... how are you today, hopefully you are fine.

Interesting looking food and drink there, looks tasty. I'm doing fine today, it is raining and watering the garden. How are you today?

good news also friends @lightsplasher always fun with you definitely its.

good night dear friend i apada your news tonight are you okay, hope you are in good health always yes dear friend I just want to say greetings thanks my dear friend iya @lightsplasher

I'm fine, thank you, and and thanks for checking in. Good night dear friend.

he he he .. same my dear friend @lightsplasher I am very happy to friends with you my best friend

I am happy to hear my brother is fine.😊😊

yeah ... i'm glad to hear that you're fine @lightsplasher. i am also in good shape. owh it was rainy ??? but very good because it does not need energy to water the plants.

HY friend @lightsplasher how are you and today, we wish you healthy healthy only, ...

the food I'm wondering in your basket is @lightsplasher hanaya watermelon, the other is not where I live


It is a seedless watermelon that is very tasty and easier to eat in one meal because of the smaller size.

It would be nice if I could have all the food in the container, surely all the food would not have the slightest dirt, hopefull @lightsplasher brothers are always healthy let alone often buy a meal packed like this.

Ooooo it was so much fun we could enjoy a healthy meal ,, brothers @lightsplasher often shop at that store,

Oh man now I am hungry!!! Looks like you found some good stuff! I miss not having one (or even Sam's Club) nearby. Always fun to see you in the tag!

Thank you. I used to shop at Sam's at one time but there aren't any around where I am living now. I think the two of them are very similar. Lots of stores are closing I've noticed. I don't think Costco will though, it seems to be doing pretty good business.

Sauerkraut on pizza ... why have I never thought of that. It sounds really delicious. Haven't been to Costco in years but I remember the samples being the hi-light. Do they still do that?

They often have samples on the weekends especially when the market is busy during the holiday season. I'm not that found of the samples but sometimes I like them.

Very great market with complete with fresh fruits and other thing we need, where is location of this market mr @lightsplasher? Success always for you, thank you very much for your attention and support to me, I have upvote and resteem your post to more than 2700 my followers...

You can find many of these markets around the Pacific Northwest in the US. It seems like Sam's Club (a similar market) was more popular in the Midwest in the US. I'm not sure how widespread these markets are around the rest of the country.

Thank you mr @lightsplasher, US is the greatest economy in the worl

Costco has been there for decades ;).. love it there. Every time when I visited US, I would definitely stop by Costco.

Not anymore though, coz no longer travel.

I haven't traveled as much for years. The airport is difficult and not as fun to go through. I still do a lot of car trips and camping though.

hi my friend, have been my post two days very quiet without your presence mate, I really hope that my friend stay present to my post thank you for your kindness buddy, best wishes from me,

so great my dear friend @lightsplasher in this greatest shop also seems very luxurious and beautiful I am also very amazed to see it and I also seem to see the stuff very much once and full and more great all its complete and there are also fruit- and I am very happy to see his thanks my best friend @lightsplasher

Thanks my friend, the shop is a fun one to visit, there are many good things to eat there.

Watermelon fruit is very good for health, if there are sebahagian people who have high blood pressure, watermelon fruit is the solution, can also make the skin brighter, I also really like the watermelon.

Today's friend I found this flower by using galaxy J7 + how do you think friends


Nice photos - very tropical looking flowers.

Thanks my freinds

hello my friend @lightsplasher, I am very impressed with what you share with us today, because I can see a well organized market and all materials wrapped in plastic. it is very fresh and hopefully you are always healthy by eating fresh things like this. image I am very hungry to see there watermelons there, because I also have a small but fruitless watermelon plant, still waiting for a few more weeks, because my watermelon plants are blooming, and this is a watermelon blossom I took from my own garden. . image

Nice, fresh garden grown watermelon sounds very tasty. I grew one one time when I was living in a different area but have not had much luck growing them where I live now. The weather seems to be changing though so I might try to grow watermelon again some time.


I think all the Fast food there is wrapped very neatly. Thank you friends for sharing today

It is almost wrapped up a little too neatly, lol. The extra plastic waste is my only objection to it. I like to bring reusable bags and shop local for many fruits and vegetables when I can. The prices are lower when you buy large amount in Costco though.

hi my friend i really like the way you post this post, the story my buddy wrote, and the picture in post it, it tells about our daily work, that's very amazing, I really liked it


Thank you my friend.

Hey brother😊😊 I have a new post, the title about the benefits of seeing the green nature.

Your makings some interesting looking gif images, thanks.

Thank you for your appreciation brother. I am pleased.

hi your apakabar friends. today I found what flowers do you think this friend is good


Interesting looking spiky flowers.

hi my friend, have been my post two days very quiet without your presence mate, I really hope that my friend stay present to my post thank you for your kindness buddy, best wishes from me,

super marketnya very broad friend once I want there friend

It's really fun to shop at #marketfriday shop initiated by @dswigle, this is one very large and large store. wow ... wow ... fun @lightsplasher.

I think the fruits and food that is in sanah everything must be of high quality. image

are you friends already home chemping. shoping where it's a very nice friend choping there supermarket friends very broad

Today's friend I found this flower by using galaxy J7 + how do you think friends


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wow big market with huge stocks of various goods just amazing. yes run on refrigerator is looking big. nice pics keep sharing @lightsplasher

wau very interesting

my friend really wanted to be inside the market for shopping there

Very nice job @lightsplasher I really like your way, and I will always support you hopefully happy day @lightsplasher

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wow, a huge warehouse.
it's fun to shop there.
thanks @lightsplasher, for shared it, and for the #marketfriday, maybe I can also make a post about the market.
and I invite you with all respect to visit my blog.
greeting @longberry.

This is totally impressve @lightsplasher.

This is totally impressve @lightsplasher.

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The beauty of market smartphonephotography. Good job @lightspasher

hi brother @lightsplasher how are you thank to have seen my phothography, and very glad to see her sister, this there is little photography about me try to see if there is less i will fix, i really hope you can see it.

hy friend is very interesting with your post is very amazing @lightsplasher

I want those melons :) And maybe a lot of other things :)

Good place market so beauty and I want to go there..

Great sir @lightsplasher 👍.

I always support your post. You are my brother.

a very wide food store, a variety of fruits are available in this store I really like the fruits and makana that are in this store thanks


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How are you sir @lightsplasher ???
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Iknow you are a good photographer

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Thanks for sharing brother,i always support you...

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