MarketFriday - Home is looking pretty by curtain

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Hello dear Steemian friends, I have many shots curtain of the home decor in my smartphone HUAWEI P30 lite. Thanks for @dswigle contest by #MarketFriday.

Life is colorful with a lot of pretty curtains. Because it is important in our daily life such as offices, schools, houses etc. It increases beauty of the home and safe our life from any bad circumstances. So today i post here curtain house and have a super weekend.



A buyer is looking carefully here and a seller man is observing him. I think it is necessary to maintain of rule of the market place.





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Early next year I will be buying our retirement house and be visiting market slike these

It is important to decor our home sweet and good wishes to you. Thank you

It will be fun setting it all up but also tiring but since this will be perhaps the most permanent place I will ever live in it will be also well worth the effor t;)

Looks like a very colourful market with lots of choices for curtains.

Yes, there are lots of choices for curtains and thanks.

Nice curtain shop, with a big variety!!

Thank you so much.

This was an amazing display of curtains and I just love how he created the space. The cellar made it so that you could looked down the long line of curtains and see everything that he had. Amazing that you can fit so many curtains and such a small space that way. They have a wonderful selection and I would love to go to a place like that to shop for curtains.

I would like to thank you so much for joining the market Friday and for selecting a wonderful Market to display. As always, I wish you a most wonderful day.

#MarketFriday loves you!

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