MarketFriday - initiated by @dswigle - China Town , Bangkok , Thailand.

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Hi everyone here we are back for another #marketfriday initiated by the lovely @dswigle and how they creep up on us so quick. Yesterday afternoon i found myself over in Chinatown in Bangkok now i never dare to go there in the early hours of week days as it's virtually impossible to enjoy walking through these markets just so crowded so i when yesterday after 2pm is a good time i was told much more enjoyable and comfortable to walk through.





Chinatown can be entered from many directions by public transport but depending what time you decide to go there traffic can be very chaotic most of the time so i chose to take the skytrain to the Saphan Taksin station to the pier and take a ferry ride along the Chao Phraya River to the Ratchawongse Pier N5 it cost me less then $2 US their and back you see great sights of interest along the river and is quicker then bus or taxi and as you get of the ferry Chinatown is in front of you.



The Ratchawongse Pier N5 where you get of five stops from Saphan Taksin Pier.


Walk from that Pier along that road and you will already start to see vendors everywhere along this road and it's 10 minutes to one of the main entrance points.


Women's Hair Brushes.


Kids Toys.


This is the main entrance along that road from the Pier N5.

They say that Chinatown in Bangkok is one of the largest Chinatown in the world and believe me they are not wrong it does capture and hold your attention in every step you take their are some many narrow alleyways and tiny lanes all with filled with glittering stores just overwhelming you really feel like your in Fantasy-Land trying to find your way through a none ending maze of none ending products.


Endless shapes , designs and colors of ladies Ear Rings , Bracelets , Neck Chains , Headbands and Ladies colorful exotic Wigs.







This Chinatown market is known around the world to have anything possible you may need from cheap accessories and clothing it's just never ending you fill like a rabbit warren when wondering through these markets. These narrow alleyways and tiny lanes can hardly fit two person side by side then you get the motorcycles and the wheel barrow people making deliveries through these small passageways it's so hilarious to see it's like a ambulance coming through everyone has to move aside or be run over.




And this goes on everyday of the week can you images when the markets are crowded with wholesalers and tourist shoppers and then you got the food vendors passing each other side by side , ice cream man , motorcycles and Tuk Tuks all coming through these small alleyways what chaos you would image but some how it all flows through in a happy vibrant way it's certainly a scene to be admired you wonder how is this all possible.





You have some alleyways that are wider that allow the Vans and small trucks to enter for there deliveries or pick-ups but you need to watch them also because they take up most of the passageway so you really need to have eyes in the back of your head to survive this shopping ordeal but let me tell you it's a experience you will probably never get anywhere else in the world.




Despite the chaos the markets are very well organized it is split into sections so your not missing out on anything you have the section where they sell shoes , watches , bags , hats , belts , Tupperware and jewellery. Another sections which sells all sorts of Chinese goods, Lanterns and Ceramic Toys and also another section which deals in all Indian silk and other fabrics and food products so you see everyone can be content shopping here.










Bangkok Chinatown is definitely a place you want to see if you are ever in Bangkok it is far by the best walking tour you will ever take the energy that oozes from the endless of things to see and eat is just beyond anything i have ever seen and i hadn't even covered a small portion of Chinatown i will be taking you back their next week to give you more insights of this mind blowing market. Now it is time for me to go home walking back to the Pier you have the choice of a Bus , Tuk Tuk or the Ferry me i jumped on the Ferry Taxi which cost me 50c American and i was home in no time. Till next week stay turned.




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Wow .... madness .... so much product range ... is even for me as a woman too much 🙈

go to this market in China with your wife .... you will lose your wife and never see her again 😅

Thank you for the many wonderful photos, the detailed report and the sharing with us ... I am overwhelmed


You can certainly lose yourself in this area of market i am actually looking forwaed to going back and seeing more of it :)


I think it's really fun to visit this market 😉 to buy something


There is certainly something there for everyone :)


I do believe you... probably not so good for my wallet 😅


No point keeping it in your wallet enjoy yourself with :)


oh yes it does not make sense to keep the money... the last shirt has no pockets 😉 enjoy it better now


Haha ...that is a good idea my pockets have holes in them so i can't put money in :)

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OMG!! You so KNOW that you show off the most amazing markets EVER! I thought you had covered amazing with that high-end mall, but, THIS. This is absolute wow! (Aren't all Chinatowns??)

I am not sure I have ever seen such mass quantities of anything in my life, nevermind mass quantities of EVERYTHING! Unbelievable. I want those lanterns though. Super cool and well, to be honest, simply everything is bordering on it.

How can one ever get through the entire place in one walkthrough? That would possibly take weeks to make it through. I am sure there have to be food booths along the way to keep up my strength! At best, I am sure I would need a tour guide to make it through there.

Thank you. Thank you. For always bringing me to the coolest places and taking the time and energy to put them together for this challenge.

Upped and Steemed


Truly i have never seen a Chinatown as big as this i was in China a few years back you would expect them to have the most biggest and extraordinary ChinaTown in the world but this one makes their's look like a needle in a haystack. I was told about this Chinatown i had been passed it a few times but i had never had the time to really go and explore it well i am so happy i took some time out to visit Chinatown it's such a explosive market that i will be going back to see more of it what i covered in those few hours i was there was only a fraction of it and talking about food booths yes many of them and i will be bringing more of Chinatown to the people in next weeks #marketfriday :)

Thank you Denise for your awesome comment as always and the resteem and upvote :)


Are you serious? I need to be profusely thanking you for all the joy and beauty you bring to this challenge. You always hit the mark and frankly, I am tickled pink that you haven't ditched us.

This was especially amazing as I have never in my life seen such abundance. You have shown me a country of extremes. Poverty to opulence, all in one afternoon. Where can you get that?

A big thank you for always being so giving.


Really kid you not i can't wait to go back and explore more and honestly i have thought of giving it away but i have got in the habit of snapping shots everywhere i go and i wouldn't have anyone to share them with if i ditched out :)

I swear if you ever got here you probably wouldn't leave.


I'm afraid to go just because of that! No, seriously!!

Oh, you cannot quit. You are my best commenter! I would have to hunt you down and make you comment! ;)


Cmmmmmooonnnnn.....seriously i am waiting !!

wow !!!! you can not go to this market without a list of what you need to buy (otherwise you buy everything you see :)))) ), and you need to take some money with you otherwise you can spend much more than planned :)))


And even if you don't plan on buying anything it's certainly a intresting day out in a great atmosphere :)

What an experience.

It beats the crap out of Walmart that's for sure.

I still do not understand the street vending in so many countries. I have never travelled out of US so this is completely awesome and new. Saw so many products!!!! Even if you knew what you wanted, how do you find it?

This was a fun post. Thanks.


Street vending has so much atmosphere that it blows you mind away it's a shame western countries don't follow suit it brings so much more enjoyment to people to be able to wonder around at there own pace even if you don't want to buy anything it's a interesting day out.