Manila Ocean Park for #MarketFriday

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It's Friday, and it's time for #MarketFriday!

This time I will take you to Manila Ocean Park.

It was raining cats and dogs when we were there and the wind was blowing quite hard, so we went directly to the ticket booth. We a package worth P595 per head (11.50 USD). This package includes Oceanarium, Sea Lion Show, Trail to Antarctica, The Barnyard, The Birdhouse, and The World of Creepy Crawlies.

Come with me and be in awe with the wonders of the deep, and the creepy crawlies as well.

First stop was the Oceanarium.

Personally, even with just the Oceanarium, our payment was all worth it. The different types of sea creatures amazed me so deep, I cannot help but thank the Creator, Jehovah God, over and over.

The Giant Trevally, I think, was the one that amazed my little one so much that he unknowingly touched the glass aquarium in an attempt to touch this seemingly harmless giant.




Aside from the under water tunnel aquarium, they also have lots of smaller aquariums with different types of fishes.

I have never thought that sea horses are this little. They are so cute!


This fish also looks adorable.


And these sea worms too!


Who says only chameleons can camouflage? Can you see the fish? It's there somewhere. Promise! 😁


And who says fishes don't lie down to sleep? Hahaha! 😂


Here are some cute and colorful fishes.




Next we go to The World of Creepy Crawlies.

To be honest, I was reluctant to enter this section. But we're already here. Why not? And I'm so glad I did. I would never have known that frogs have many different colors.






Nor will I see these many kinds of lizards/geckos.









And these creepy snakes.








We also went to see the penguins. We paid an extra P500 ($10) to feed the penguins and have a picture with them, max of 4 persons. And for experience sake, the two kids (our son and our nephew) with fathers went in.




It was such an amazing experience.

Lastly, we went to the Sea Lion Show. The show was in an outdoor theater. And though it was raining, as they say, the show must go on. Hahaha! They issued disposable rain coats. It was all fun! But the show was cut short because the thunderstorm was getting worse.



Hope you enjoyed this tour as we enjoyed it so much. There are yet so many things that we missed out because of time constraint, and because we were also getting tired. But all in all, this visit to Ocean Park was all worth it. It's very educational for both the young ones, and the young ONCE. I recommend it to everyone.

Ocean Park Manila is open Monday-Friday: 10am-8pm and Saturday-Sunday: 9am-8pm.

This is all for #MarketFriday, hosted by the kind-hearted Denise (@dswigle)

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The penguins! I have never seen this before. I love all the colors in this post, @gingbabida. What a wonderful day :)

Oh, thanks for the visit @fitinfun. It was such a beautiful experience to have a close encounter with the penguins. 💕

Have a beautiful day. 😊

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You are awesome, @travelfeed! {{{Runs off to find more good posts to comment on}}}

Any success? Hehe!

Yes! the posts are awesome. I will be on it soon.

Now that was good value for your money it is amazing how many beautiful creatures we have in this world looks like a fun day had 😀

Yes, it truly is! That marine aquarium is worth a visit. 😍

I do love visiting aquariums always interesting to see :)

Yeah, I agree with you. That visit was my second time in Manila (but I have been to a few other aquariums) but still it amazes me! 😍 Just interesting, so interesting. 😍😊 Can't wait to explore the wonders of the deep in the near future. 😁

We have got one amazing aquarium here in Bangkok and you know i haven't be to visit it yet must get myself over there 😀

Hahaha! Really?! Oh! You should visit that one my friend. I'm pretty much sure that you will be amazed with the sea creatures there! 😊

I do intend to my friend it will make a great post for @travelfeed 😀

Yes. That would be a good post for @travelfeed! 😁

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Thank you @jzn and the PhotoStream tribe! 😍

Great reportage series

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Aw, thank you @axeman. 😊😊

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Some of the best aquatic life image I have seen lately...really..awesome place to.spend some quality time

Aw, thank you @steemflow. It really is an awesome place to visit, especially if you have kids. It's very educational, and amazing to see different wonders of sea creations!

Thank you for dropping by. It's greatly appreciated. 😊😊

Keep bringing nice stuff and share with the lovely Steemian
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Thank you @steemflow. I will. 😊

A few days ago, I have also talked about some beautiful tourist spots of our country, maybe you would also like to take a look.

Thank you once again. 😊


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This was certainly an amazing day! I love Ocean Park type entertainment. The giant fish that your son loved was so cool and I've never seen anything like it. The aquarium was a really really beautiful and the fish that you thought was adorable was actually a lionfish. They are absolutely spectacular looking but there are flourishing invasive species here in the United States in the Caribbean. They threaten native fish and our environment there are many different names it goes by. I hear that they make flaky buttery fillets. I got a whack at the sea worms because they were kind of cool looking and that fish that was all covered up and hiding was another very awesome sign. Mother Nature really takes care of her. I love those bright blue and yellow fish and the aquarium is just full of all sorts of very neat lizards.

Of course my very favorite part was when your family had the Penguins. I have been to a lot of places like this but I have never seen anybody feeding penguins like that! What an opportunity to get up-close-and-personal to Nature like that. I am so glad that you had a wonderful show the seals and I have been in the same position where my show was cut short because of thunderstorms. It looks like you had a most wonderful day and I cannot thank you enough for sharing it with us on Market Friday.

#MarketFriday loves you!

Upped and steemed


Oh wow! I never expected this reply from you. Hahaha! 😂 It's now Friday here and I am thinking what am I to share with everyone. (And here comes your reply from last week. 😂😂😂)

I know that you're busy and all that. I am quite busy as well and have deadlines to meet, so I perfectly understand your situation.

But oh well, thank you for taking the time to read my quite lengthy post. I believe it was the longest I've done for #MarketFriday. Hahaha! 😂

I'm pretty sad that the fish I adore was invasive. 😢 I never thought that behind that beauty is a vicious being. Anyhow, the Creator has a reason why He created that fish that way.

Anyway, thank you again and again for taking the time to read, Denise. 😘

May you have a pleasant evening.

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