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RE: Market Friday gets the Royal Treatment

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Truth! Except I never put a penny in the ole machines. :) Which line did you work on? I could never, I cannot believe how hard they work and endlessly!

It is typical, but, many people haven't been on a cruise, so you have to put forth the whole shebang. Thanks for stopping by and dropping your link!! It is always appreciated!

Have a great day!

#MarketFriday loves you!



The Star Cruises - Can't remember if it was the Superstar Leo or Superstar Libra ....
It was so long ago

It is true, they do work really hard
The dance troupe I was with had a 3 month contract
So, we were treated a little better... but we did mix around with the staff and heard stories

I am glad you shared all those pics
I never took pictures back then... actually until Steem... haha
Only now I make an effort :)

You too, have a great day <33