Coinmarketcap 08/10/2019

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Good Night everyone arrived on the weekend, I wish you and I hope you have spent a very good Saturday with the Family and for those who could not enjoy it today you have tomorrow to do it, Happy Weekend to all.

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Today for the third consecutive day the cryptocurrency market has a low day, where today it has been a fall of "2.33%"

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The graph of today the market begins with a stability that after about 3 to 4 hours was lost because the market suffered a great fall before waking up, unfortunately from this I failed to recover I tried to increase it a few times but could not only made the decline to be minimized because it would have been close to 3%, maybe tomorrow Sunday the market gives us a turn and begins to recover if not because it will not even touch to wait for the next week.

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Today is NEGATIVE DAY 👎 almost all the market in negative are counted the currencies that have closed in positive.

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Colors of the Market

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Experience taught me that the best investments are those that one does not make.

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La experiencia me enseñó que las mejores inversiones son las que uno no hace.

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