Coinmarketcap 08/06/2019

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Hello, I hope all my dears followers are well and also the new readers who arrive every day, I come to share what was the closing of the market for this day.

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Today a low day has been generated in the market where it loses "1.19%" compared to the end of last night.

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The graph of this market begins with a rise during the first hours of the day, and when it is time for breakfast there was a fall where the market remained stable even at night and unfortunately today night I do not want to be in our favor and return to reduce the market further, but I think that today is a fall to correct and increase in the next logically it is my opinion I hopen't to be wrong.

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Today is NEGATIVE DAY 👎 more than 90% of the currencies close with negative balance.

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Colors of the Market

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Sharing ideas without processing them can lead us to the deception of thinking that we are actually doing something, when in reality we are not doing anything.

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Compartir las ideas sin procesarlas puede conducirnos al engaño de pensar que en realidad estamos haciendo algo, cuando en realidad no estamos haciendo nada.

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