Coinmarketcap 03/05/2019👍

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Hello Good night all subscribers steemit.v

I bring the behavioral post of CoinMarketCap, at the end of the day market close with:

CMC Steemit 050319.png

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Today there was bull day, on this day the market has increased "4.12%"

The graph of today is seen as the market was increasing little by little until the afternoon that all the increase lost, it is worth noting that if the market had not increased again today we were left with a negative balance, the good thing is that it made a great correction and increased again.

Marketcap 050319.png


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Courage isn't the lack of fear, but the decision that something else is more important than fear..

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El coraje no es la falta de miedo,sino la decisión de que alguna otra cosa es más importante que el miedo.

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